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Tourette’s syn­drome is a ge­netic, neu­ro­log­i­cal disorder that oc­curs dur­ing child­hood

It is char­ac­terised by vo­cal and mo­tor tics that range from mild to ex­treme in sever­ity There is no cure for the disorder Only about 10 per cent of those di­ag­nosed have co­pro­lalia – an ex­treme vo­cal tic that causes the per­son to re­peat in­ap­pro­pri­ate words

It af­fects 1 in 1000 chil­dren. Of that num­ber only 1 in 100 will have symp­toms se­vere enough be to di­ag­nosed

An es­ti­mated 800 chil­dren have the disorder in New Zealand

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