Neigh­bour’s dog driv­ing you bark­ing mad?

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a labrador or a husky, turn to Neigh­ to find a lo­cal dog walker or even in­ves­ti­gate doggy day­care.

And don’t be afraid to think out­side the square; if your neigh­bour works from home, they might like the idea of keep­ing your dog com­pany dur­ing the day.

Think­ing about get­ting a pup? Al­ways con­sider where you live. Dogs, es­pe­cially big breeds, need a lot of space to run around in.

A dog is prob­a­bly not the best idea for apart­ment dwellers though smaller breeds like chi­huahuas might still be an op­tion.

Se­cure fenc­ing is also es­sen­tial; you don’t want to get a call that your dog has es­caped to the other side of town while you’ve been at work.

Take your kids – and your neigh­bour’s kids – into con­sid­er­a­tion too. Just be­cause a puppy is cute, doesn’t mean it can’t bite. Teach them how to be safe around dogs; visit for safety tips.

Here are some steps to help dog own­ers man­age bark­ing:

Make sure your dog gets plenty of ex­er­cise

Some­times bark­ing comes from bore­dom, make sure you have good dog toys that will keep your dog busy while you are out

Make sure it has ac­cess to food and wa­ter, es­pe­cially when you’re not at home

If you’re out dur­ing the day, check in with your neigh­bours and make sure your dog isn’t be­ing a nui­sance

If your dog barks at night, keep it in­side

En­rol your dog in obe­di­ence classes or talk to an­i­mal be­haviourist or dog trainer.

Bark­ing dogs is one of the most com­mon com­plaints be­tween neigh­bours.

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