Auckland City Harbour News - - YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE - – Hugh Collins, reporter

I’ve just moved to Mt Eden and it’s got me pon­der­ing a few thoughts about Auck­land. And no, not the neg­a­tive kind. Pos­i­tive ones of how much I love the place.

I re­mem­ber be­ing 19 and think­ing how much I couldn’t wait to leave af­ter uni­ver­sity.

Lon­don and Mel­bourne were far bet­ter op­tions to live out the so-called ‘‘prime’’ of your 20s.

But now six years on at 25, I hon­estly don’t think there’s any­where else I want to be.

Don’t get me wrong, I as­pire to live abroad again.

But there’s so much I love about this city you strug­gle to find any­where else.

Take a look at Mt Eden it­self. How amaz­ing is it that we have a green ma­jes­tic vol­cano plonked in the mid­dle of sub­ur­bia.

The Auck­land land­scape is idio­syn­cratic, some­thing I worry many of its in­hab­i­tants don’t ever truly ap­pre­ci­ate.

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