Door to claims heaven, or hell

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You have a choice of go­ing through one of two doors. One leads to heaven, one to hell.

You’d like to have a clue as to which was which, wouldn’t you?

And rightly so. There’s quite a lot at stake.

Now, think of those two doors again.

In­stead of be­ing the doors to heaven and hell, they are the doors to two life in­sur­ance of­fices.

Both are of­fer­ing the life, trauma and dis­abil­ity in­sur­ance peo­ple buy to see their fam­ily right in case they should die or fall very, very sick.

But one in­surer is hell to deal with at claims time, and de­clines 31 per cent of trauma in­sur­ance claims, while the other is heaven and de­clines just 5 per cent.

Again, you would want to know which was which.

Well, Bri­tons now get in­for­ma­tion about the claims­pay­ing rates of their in­sur­ers, and Aus­tralians will do soon, fol­low­ing the hor­ror find­ings of a re­view by con­sumer watch­dog

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