I’m not sav­ing for a stranger

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Your brain sees fu­ture you as a stranger.

Sci­en­tists with brain scan­ners have shown without a shred of doubt that hu­mans are in­tensely fo­cused on the here and now.

When we think of our present self, our brains light up with warmth and recog­ni­tion.

But when we think of our fu­ture selves in 20 or 30 years, the light of recog­ni­tion dims so much it’s like think­ing of a stranger.

No won­der we’re such poor savers. Who would bother sav­ing for a stranger?

Nigel Latta’s Mind over Money TV show has taught us a lot about why peo­ple be­have ir­ra­tionally with money, but this was the big one for me.

It not only ex­plains our fail­ure to save, it ex­plains why we’re so will­ing to bor­row to spend on stuff.

It’s not us who has to pay back the money. It’s that pack of strangers- our fu­ture selves!

But there are peo­ple who be­have as though they do not

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