Mon­key bar vic­tory for Grey Lynn twins

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Two 8-year-olds have suc­cess­fully pe­ti­tioned for mon­key bars to be re­in­stated at an Auck­land play­ground.

Ila and Jaya Pa­tel started the pe­ti­tion at the start of the year af­ter be­ing left dis­ap­pointed a $402,000 upgrade of the Grey Lynn play­ground ex­cluded mon­key bars and wasn’t chal­leng­ing enough.

The twins pre­sented the pe­ti­tion to the Waitem­ata Local Board and their re­quest to have mon­key bars re­in­stated was suc­cess­ful.

Waitem­ata Local Board chair­woman Pippa Coom said it was great to re­ceive the pe­ti­tion.

‘‘We passed a res­o­lu­tion ask­ing of­fi­cers to re­in­state the mon­key bars for the next fi­nan­cial year,’’ Coom said.

Auck­land Coun­cil parks, sports and re­cre­ation of­fi­cers would as­sess the fea­si­bil­ity and cost of in­stalling mon­key bars or other chal­leng­ing equip­ment be­fore July 1.

‘‘We need to look at how the play­ground can be im­proved,’’ Coom said.

She said the play­ground was widely con­sulted on at the de­vel­oped de­sign stage through Shape Auck­land, Face­book, signs, Neigh­bourly and flyer drops.

Jaya pre­sented the pe­ti­tion to the board and read a speech Ila had writ­ten.

The girls live close to the park and use it all year round but have been left un­chal­lenged by the new equip­ment.

The new gear is tar­geted for un­der fiveyear-olds and de­spite the wood-and-rope climb­ing struc­tures, the girls and other chil­dren have missed the mon­key bars.

The twins’ mother Zita Thomas said the girls had worked hard on the pe­ti­tion.

‘‘The mas­sive dis­ap­point­ment was that old play­ground catered for all ages and what they’ve put in its place does not,’’ she said.

Thomas said she was left puz­zled af­ter the meet­ing dis­cussed what piece of equip­ment would need to be re­moved to ac­com­mo­date the mon­key bars.

‘‘Why can’t they add in­stead of tak­ing away?’’

Both Ila and Jaya hoped the mon­key bars would be in­stalled be­fore sum­mer.

‘‘It would be nice to have it in the play­ground so if you have a lit­tle kid and a big kid you don’t have to go to two sep­a­rate ar­eas and get lost,’’ Ila said.

Coom said the board would need to wait un­til the next fi­nan­cial year to al­lo­cate fund­ing for the mon­key bars.

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