Types of oats

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What’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween rolled oats and quick-cook­ing oats?

Tra­di­tional rolled oats are hulled oat grains that are cleaned, steamed, then rolled to flat­ten.

Quick-cook­ing oats are cre­ated by steam­ing the hulled oat grains for longer and rolling them thin­ner. They are bro­ken into small pieces, so they cook faster.

Rolled and quick oats can both be used to make por­ridge. Check be­fore us­ing oats in bak­ing, such as muesli bars, bis­cuits, crum­bles and cakes. Most recipes call for the tra­di­tional rolled oats, un­less other­wise spec­i­fied.

Rolled oats and quick-cook­ing oats have the same nu­tri­tional ben­e­fits.


Keep oats in a cool dry place in an air­tight con­tainer. They can be kept in the fridge or freezer if your pantry is prone to moths or wee­vils.

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