A great hair day MEANS A GREAT DAY

It’s true, when we have a good hair day, the en­tire day is bet­ter*. But the re­verse is also true – bad hair, bad day.

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Pal­mo­live Nat­u­rals wanted to cre­ate amazing-look­ing hair and easy hair­styles for busy women. The idea was to go back to ba­sics, with nat­u­ral hair care and styles that don’t re­quire hours to achieve. A great hair day starts with the right prod­ucts – and they don’t have to be com­pli­cated! With a range of sham­poo and con­di­tion­ers care­fully for­mu­lated for all hair types, Pal­mo­live Nat­u­rals makes it easy to keep hair look­ing healthy in a nat­u­ral way. 1. Sham­poo twice, mas­sag­ing into the scalp 2. Con­di­tion hair from mid-lengths to ends 3. Dry hair 80% and then leave to dry nat­u­rally id you know that when we wake up in the morn­ing with bad hair, we don’t per­form as well at work and ex­pe­ri­ence low self-es­teem all day? How­ever (and this won’t come as a sur­prise ei­ther), hav­ing great hair ac­tu­ally makes women feel more self­as­sured, they are nicer to the peo­ple around them and they have bet­ter day over­all*. So, if hav­ing a great hair day makes such a huge dif­fer­ence, how can we make sure we have them more often? And more im­por­tantly, with the busy lives we lead, how can we make it easy? We in­vited three real women to find out how they can eas­ily fit great hair into their morn­ing rou­tine with Pal­mo­live Nat­u­rals. Our stylist Sunny met with Vidya, Am­ber and Emma – busy women who don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on hair care but who still want to look great ev­ery day. Sunny matched each one with the per­fect Pal­mo­live Nat­u­rals sham­poo and con­di­tioner. She then de­signed a quick and easy so­lu­tion for styling their hair so that they felt con­fi­dent and ready to take on a great day!

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