Spe­cial fried rice with pork

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3 cups (600g) jas­mine rice ½ cup (125ml) peanut oil, ap­prox­i­mately 4 rash­ers (250g) ba­con, sliced thinly 1 medium (150g) brown onion, chopped finely 2 cloves gar­lic, crushed 2 eggs, beaten lightly 1 cup (120g) frozen baby peas 1½ tea­spoons Chinese five-spice ¾ cup (180ml) light soy sauce 400g can corn ker­nels, drained ½ cup (40g) crispy fried shal­lots 100g Chinese bar­be­cue (char siu) pork, sliced thinly 6 spring onions, chopped

1 Place the rice in a large mi­crowave-safe con­tainer with 4 cups (1 litre) water. Cook on HIGH (100%) for 18 min­utes, then tip out onto a tray and re­frig­er­ate un­til cool (this step can be done a day in ad­vance, if de­sired). 2 Heat 1 ta­ble­spoon of the peanut oil in a wok over a fairly high heat, then add the ba­con and cook, stir­ring, for 2-3 min­utes. Re­move ba­con from the wok to a large bowl. Re­duce the heat to medium-low. Add 1 ta­ble­spoon of oil to the wok, along with the onion and gar­lic, then fry gen­tly un­til soft and fra­grant, but not brown. Re­move from the wok and then place with the ba­con. 3 Add the eggs to the wok. Swirl the egg around to cre­ate a thin omelette. When the egg has set, re­move from wok. Roll up and slice very thinly. 4 Place peas in a medium bowl. Cover with boil­ing water for 1 minute; drain. 5 Heat an­other ta­ble­spoon of oil in wok over high heat. Add one-third of the rice and stir-fry. Add one-third of the Chinese five-spice and soy sauce; stir through. Re­move from the wok and place in the bowl. Re­peat this process twice more with the rest of the rice, five-spice and soy sauce. Add all the rice mix­ture to wok with ba­con, onion mix­ture, egg, peas, corn, crispy shal­lots, pork and green onions; stir to com­bine over medium heat for a minute or two un­til hot. Suit­able to freeze. Rice suit­able to mi­crowave.

Spe­cial fried rice with pork

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