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Ge­orgina Bit­con gives tips on stop­ping weeds, re­pelling mozzies, re­mov­ing scuff marks and more.

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Ants go march­ing

If ants have in­vaded your dry dog or cat food, stand the open pack out­side in di­rect sun­light – this will make them leave, as ants don’t like heat or light.

A close shave

Soothe ra­zor burn and re­lieve nicks and cuts by press­ing a wet tea bag to your skin. The tea will take some of the sting out, and the tan­nin will also help to stop the bleed­ing.

Magic car­pet cleaner

To re­move shoe pol­ish from car­pet, put a lit­tle methy­lated spir­its on a rolled-up ball of pan­ti­hose and rub it over the stain. As the pol­ish comes off, re­peat with a clean sec­tion of pan­ti­hose.

Big­ger is bet­ter

If you have trou­ble read­ing emails or text on the in­ter­net, press the “Con­trol” and “+” keys on a PC or “Com­mand” and “+” on a Mac to make the let­ters larger. The mi­nus sign does the op­po­site.

Egg-cel­lent rem­edy

If one egg short when bak­ing, you can sub­sti­tute ¼ cup of unsweet­ened ap­ple sauce, or whisk to­gether 2 ta­ble­spoons of water, 1 tea­spoon of veg­etable oil and 2 tea­spoons of bak­ing pow­der and use that in­stead.

Ar­range your wet wash­ing on coat hang­ers be­fore hang­ing on the line, even clothes that you don’t nor­mally store on hang­ers. Fewer creases, you can fit more on the line and it’s eas­ier to bring in­side when dry.

Bar mozzies

Plant some le­mon­grass in a pot near your out­door ta­ble to re­pel mozzies.

Shine on

Make your stain­less steel sink shine by mix­ing bo­rax with le­mon juice to a stiff paste. Rub it on, rinse and wipe clean.

Good­bye weeds

Get on top of weeds with news­pa­per: water gar­den well, then layer with six sheets of news­pa­per, over­lap­ping the edges. Leave a nar­row mar­gin of open soil around plant stems. Wet news­pa­per thor­oughly and cover with a thick layer of mulch.

Give scuffs a serve

To re­move black scuff marks from vinyl, linoleum, tile and wood floors, sim­ply rub with a ten­nis ball. To save your back, cut a small cross in the ball and push it onto the end of a broom­stick.

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