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The scari­est? Ap­proach­ing a lovely sheep­dog to stroke it when I was very young and only the same height as it. But as I looked it in the eyes it didn’t feel the love I felt for it and de­cided to bite me on the nose. The worst thing is, and I still feel guilty about this, the farmer had to put it down. So sad. I love sheep dogs. Gor­geous dogs. The most em­bar­rass­ing? Hav­ing to take a high­land ter­rier I was look­ing af­ter to the vet be­cause it snaf­fled some, ummm, well grass, but not the va­ri­ety you have in your gar­den, if you un­der­stand me. It was a stu­dent party – don’t judge me! And I didn’t re­alise he had eaten it un­til he was lol­lop­ing about in a drunken fash­ion. The vet got hys­ter­ics and said he would be fine but I might want to take him home via a ser­vice sta­tion for some munchies and that he might get a bit huggy. Mor­ti­fy­ing. The sad­dest? When I lost my poor budgie Ernie. Yes, the an­i­mal goof gene stretched to me own­ing a budgie, which is usu­ally a pet for the over-70s I think. The worst thing was he died be­cause I would give Ernie some fly­ing-around-the­sit­ting-room time and one day I didn’t shut the door prop­erly and my cat came in. Cue house­hold chaos. My par­ents chas­ing me, who was chas­ing the cat, who was chas­ing Ernie. Sadly we lost and Ernie went to budgie heaven. The hap­pi­est? Get­ting Peggy.

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