Craft: rock back into school with these roll-up pen­cil cases

Mar­sha Smith tells you how to make these vi­brant, roll-up and ready-to-go pen­cil cases for your chil­dren’s back-to-school ba­sics.

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What you’ll need

1 piece of felt fab­ric mea­sur­ing 300mm x 205mm (ap­prox­i­mately A4 size) Stan­ley knife or scalpel 1 piece pat­terned fab­ric mea­sur­ing 410mm x 275mm Sewing pins Pen­cil and ruler Scis­sors Sewing ma­chine Thread to match 1m of rib­bon or flat cord, for tie


1 Start by cut­ting pen slots in your felt fab­ric, us­ing a Stan­ley knife or scalpel. Make the first cut 90mm from the top and 100mm in from the left. I made 9 hor­i­zon­tal in­ci­sions that are 1cm in length and 1cm apart, to fit stan­dard size pens and pen­cils. You can vary the size and num­ber of in­ci­sions to suit your pens. Make an­other row of in­ci­sions 2cm be­low the first row (see Di­a­gram 1). 2 Lay the felt on top of the re­verse side of your pat­terned fab­ric, po­si­tion­ing it 10mm away from the top and right edges (see place­ment on Di­a­gram 1). Pin in place. 3 Fol­low­ing the ar­rows and mea­sure­ments given on Di­a­gram 2, cre­ate a flap on the left side of the pat­terned fab­ric. Mark out with ruler and pen­cil first, then cut off the top and bot­tom cor­ners of fab­ric. 4 Fold over edges A,B, C, D, E, F and H of pat­terned fab­ric by 10mm, tuck­ing edges A, B and C un­der the felt, and pin to se­cure. Sew in place as close to the out­side edge as pos­si­ble. Sides A, B and C will now be at­tached to the felt, and the oth­ers will have a tidy sewn edge. 5 Fold up the lower flap of fab­ric along the crease A line shown in Di­a­gram 2 to cre­ate the lower pocket. Pin in place. The lower pocket will stop your pens and pen­cils fall­ing through and can also be used for pa­per clips. 6 Fold over side G by 10mm, then fold over again at the crease B line. Pin in place. This will make your larger side pocket. It will over­lap the lower pocket. Sew pock­ets in place, fol­low­ing sewing lines shown in Di­a­gram 3. The felt in­ner will now have all four sides stitched in place. 7 Cut the cord or rib­bon to a piece 30cm longer than the pen­cil case. Po­si­tion it hor­i­zon­tally on the out­side of the case, so that 15cm hangs off each side. Stitch in place at points X, shown in di­a­gram 3. 8 Now fill your case, roll it up from the right side, tie the cord and you’re done!

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