How can I strengthen my nails?

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I am 68 and healthy. I eat well and ex­er­cise reg­u­larly. De­spite hav­ing thick hair and good teeth and skin, my nails have al­ways been very weak. They can be soft but in brit­tle lay­ers at the same time and rarely reach any length. My mother had the same prob­lem, yet my two sis­ters have strong nails. Do you have any so­lu­tions? D.G.C.

You say you eat well, but it would be worth analysing your diet more closely. Check for iron de­fi­ciency and make sure you eat ad­e­quate pro­tein. Un­der­ac­tive thy­roid is an­other pos­si­bil­ity. Fre­quent use of nail pol­ish can weaken your nails. Wear gloves to pro­tect hands and mois­turise them daily.

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