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Gem­ini May 22-Jun 22

The man (or woman) who pushes all your but­tons is now at the heart of im­por­tant de­ci­sions that will af­fect you for months. This may be your for­mer lover, cur­rent part­ner or a po­ten­tial date. In other cases, you ob­vi­ously have an op­po­nent to deal with. Even if you put things off now, you would still have to deal with them at Christ­mas. The time is right to do what is wise, and older or more ex­pe­ri­enced peo­ple may have use­ful ad­vice for you. Lessons now lead to hap­pi­ness in 2019.

Can­cer ● Jun 23-Jul 23

You have some home­work to do this month as your health and well­be­ing must be your num­ber one pri­or­ity, no mat­ter how de­mand­ing your job sit­u­a­tion or home life hap­pens to be. Some thor­ough fact-check­ing will save you a lot of time and trou­ble, no mat­ter if your ques­tion is about food, drink, drugs, doc­tors, heal­ers or fit­ness. You are ruled by the Moon, so the Full Moon on June 9 will af­fect you. That is your cue to lis­ten to what your body is telling you and seek some ex­pert ad­vice.

Leo ● Jul 24-Aug 23

This month, the fo­cus is on your love life or the chil­dren in your world.

You can­not put off the de­ci­sion which ar­rives near June 9, but take your time as the out­come will af­fect you at Christ­mas. You will be pleased to hear that the tough­est cy­cle in 29 years for Leo lovers and par­ents will be over within six months. For an eas­ier time with so­cial media, friends and the groups you are in­volved with, avoid the pe­ri­ods around June 9, 15, 18 and 25 for ma­jor de­ci­sions or dis­cus­sions.

Virgo ● Aug 24-Sep 23

You will see the re­wards of all your hard work and pa­tience with your rel­a­tive, house, flat­mate or apart­ment in 2019, but this month will chal­lenge you. It is also pos­si­ble that you will have is­sues with your town, re­gion or coun­try now. If you can make your de­ci­sions about ren­o­va­tions, prop­erty auc­tions or your home an­other time, you may pre­fer to wait. If you must go ahead this month, find good pro­fes­sional ad­vice and have a look on in­ter­net fo­rums, which may be use­ful.

Li­bra ● Sep 24-Oct 23

What you learn about writ­ing, the in­ter­net, com­mu­ni­ca­tion, multimedia, pub­lish­ing or ed­u­ca­tion this month is go­ing to pay off in 2019, when re­wards will come your way. Un­til then, you must live in the real world and deal firmly with sit­u­a­tions, peo­ple or or­gan­i­sa­tions you can­not avoid. Re­gional or for­eign dif­fer­ences will be more ob­vi­ous than usual now. If you can­not speak the same lan­guage or see life from a dif­fer­ent an­gle, it may be use­ful to do some re­search, or judge the sit­u­a­tion later.

Scor­pio ● Oct 24-Nov 22

Your tax sit­u­a­tion, bud­get or prop­erty com­mit­ments will be much eas­ier next year, Scor­pio, so take heart. In fact, the knowl­edge you gather now will help you make or save a small for­tune from Christ­mas 2018. The wis­dom to ac­cept what you can­not change is worth more than money, so try to put a price on your peace of mind. A philo­soph­i­cal ap­proach to the re­al­i­ties of your bank ac­count will pay off. The fi­nal chap­ter of this cur­rent story will ap­pear in De­cem­ber.

Sagit­tar­ius ● Nov 23-Dec 21

You have some de­ci­sions to make about your for­mer, cur­rent or po­ten­tial part­ner which can­not be avoided this month. The big­ger ques­tion sur­rounds your chil­dren or per­haps your hon­est feel­ings about be­com­ing a par­ent, ver­sus liv­ing a child-free life. In­de­pen­dence has be­come in­creas­ingly im­por­tant to you over the past few years and the is­sue will arise again now. Avoid June 9, 15, 18 and 25 for a heart-to-heart con­ver­sa­tion. There are eas­ier times to work things out with this man (or woman).

Capri­corn ● Dec 22-Jan 20

Your rul­ing planet, Saturn, can only trig­ger pri­vate is­sues like this every 29 years, so no won­der you feel as if you are at a cross­roads. The fact that some mat­ters are se­cret makes it harder, yet writ­ing things down will help. You may also need a con­fi­dante who can be trusted, as shar­ing your con­cerns will ease one is­sue. Christ­mas will end this cy­cle and then you can move on. You are al­ready mak­ing huge progress, com­pared to where things stood in 2016.

Aquar­ius ● Jan 21-Feb 19

The time has come to tackle a friend­ship and the group or circle that sur­rounds both of you. You are well-known for your net­works, both on­line and in the real world, but even your tal­ent for cir­cu­lat­ing is not enough this month. The cross­roads you face are not easy, but once you have made up your mind, you can tackle an is­sue which sim­ply can­not be put off. If the friend or group is meant to be there long-term, then you will soon find out that it is built to last. If not, it’s time to move on.

Pisces ● Feb 20-Mar 20

It’s time to make a de­ci­sion about your ca­reer, full-time par­ent­ing, univer­sity de­gree or un­paid work. Try to think long-term as there will be a sec­ond choice re­lat­ing to this June de­ci­sion at Christ­mas. The wis­dom that you ac­quire now will help you achieve a pro­mo­tion, award, out­stand­ing re­sult or sought-af­ter new job from the end of next year, so your ef­fort is worth it. The choices about your house, apart­ment, fam­ily or house­hold now will also take time. You will need to make a good com­pro­mise.

Aries ● Mar 21-Apr 21

You are im­pa­tient, if you are typ­i­cal of your zo­diac sign, but June re­quires pa­tience, Aries. Projects, trips, cour­ses and pre­cious plans will present you with an ob­sta­cle course. You can make it eas­ier by skip­ping June 9, 15, 18 and 25, and al­low­ing 24 hours ei­ther side of those dates for the world to catch up with it­self. Your big­gest con­cern is ob­vi­ously with your travel, for­eign, re­gional, ed­u­ca­tional or pub­lish­ing pri­or­i­ties. The bur­den lifts in six months. Un­til then, make sure that you seek good ad­vice.

Tau­rus ● Apr 22-May 21

You can be as rich as the Queen or David Beck­ham on this cy­cle and still have very hard work to ac­com­plish. The end of the month also co­in­cides with a New Moon, which will bring your plans full circle. The time and ef­fort you put into choices about your money, house, busi­ness or apart­ment will pay off from Christ­mas 2018, so you will gain long-term. In the short-term, though, there is very lit­tle room to move and you may have to do what is sen­si­ble, not what is easy.

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