Put on your party face!

It’s time to frock up and feel merry and bright, so set the mood with party looks that feel fit­tingly fes­tive with­out leav­ing you re­sem­bling a tree bauble. A post-work soirée may just need a lip­stick colour up­grade, says Me­gan Bed­ford, but if you’re headi

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Golden glam­our

If you can’t try a lit­tle glim­mer and gold at Christ­mas, when can you? The beauty of this look is in the pair­ing of a finely pig­mented gold shadow with a re­flec­tive red lip.

A bold red lip­stick will al­ways turn heads, re­gard­less of the level of pre­ci­sion you feel con­fi­dent with when it comes to ap­pli­ca­tion. The good news is, the range of reds avail­able right now, from build­able lip stains to punchy matte lip­sticks, means there’s an op­tion for every­one.

For the glam­orous golden touch, you can go all out with a soft halo of gold shadow around the eye or use it as an ac­cent on the lid and in­ner cor­ners.

Choose a ra­di­ant liq­uid foun­da­tion with good cov­er­age or use a lu­min­is­ing primer un­der­neath and ap­ply with a dense brush, us­ing cir­cu­lar mo­tions to cre­ate a flaw­less fin­ish. Add a touch of translu­cent set­ting pow­der to the cheeks, nose and chin.

Ap­ply an eye primer prior to the gold shadow to en­sure it ad­heres and re­tains vi­brancy. Al­ter­na­tively, smudge a gold crème shadow over eye­lids with your fin­gers.

Groom brows and fill any gaps with a pow­der brow colour. Ap­ply lash­ings of a defin­ing and length­en­ing mas­cara.

Use a lip brush to care­fully de­fine and fill lips and add a touch of gloss to achieve a re­flec­tive or metal­lic look. If you have trou­ble with colour mov­ing and feath­er­ing into fine lines around the mouth, stick with drier for­mu­las. Choose a matte or cream lip­stick and line lips be­fore­hand with an in­vis­i­ble lip liner.

Ma­genta magic

Red not your thing? A rich ma­genta lip­stick makes a great op­tion for an evening look. It’s a lit­tle more play­ful and fash­ion-for­ward than clas­sic crim­son, but still makes your lips the cen­tre of at­ten­tion. It also looks lovely with a tan and a sun­dress, so will carry you through the sea­son if black-tie events are few and far be­tween.

Your best op­tion in this shade is a matte liq­uid lip­stick or chunky pen­cil – both of which can be very dry­ing, so try to re­mem­ber to ap­ply a treat­ment lip balm an hour or two be­fore you get ready. If lips start to pucker as the evening goes on, try a tiny dab of balm on top of lip­stick to soften them.

Dra­matic eyes run the risk of mak­ing this look OTT, so they should still have a soft­ness about them. Choos­ing a ta­pered brush to ap­ply and blend eye­shadow, par­tic­u­larly around the crease of the eye­lid, is key.

Start with a long-wear­ing foun­da­tion with a matte fin­ish that con­trols oil and won’t re­quire touch-ups. A lit­tle pow­der will en­sure your base has stay­ing power.

Dab a touch of ra­di­ant con­cealer just where needed un­der eyes to brighten.

Sweep bronzer along cheek­bones as well as a touch to temples and un­der the jaw.

Shade eyes with matte taupe shad­ows, deep­en­ing through the outer cor­ners and crease. Use a dense pen­cil brush to run a tiny bit of shadow along the lower lash line.

A soft kohl eye­liner will add depth along the top lash lines be­fore fin­ish­ing the eyes with vo­lu­mis­ing mas­cara.

For stun­ning drama, adding a set of false lashes is a great party op­tion. Trim them to fit within the width of your nat­u­ral lashes, ap­ply eye­lash glue and gen­tly press on as close to your lash line as pos­si­ble

Ap­ply lip­stick, blot with a tis­sue then ap­ply a touch more.

Good to glow

Sub­tle but chic, soft rose-gold and mau­vey-pinks are flat­ter­ing shades for eyes, cheeks and lips and work well on most skin tones. They can be deep­ened with plums or bronze on the creases of the eyes. This is a mod­ern, fresh look that works in a va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent set­tings.

A high­light­ing prod­uct can add lu­mi­nos­ity and pro­vide def­i­ni­tion. Don’t over­think it though. It doesn’t need to be as pre­cisely placed as any ad­vanced con­tour­ing tech­niques. The eas­i­est ap­pli­ca­tion is to swirl a fluffy blush brush over a pow­der high­lighter and then lightly sweep over cheek­bones. You can also add a touch to brow bones, the bridge of the nose and the Cupid’s bow, but start with a small amount – you can al­ways build, but you don’t want to end up look­ing shiny.

En­sure you mois­turise well and let it set­tle into the skin for 10 min­utes be­fore start­ing make-up with a sheer to medium cov­er­age foun­da­tion.

Use your ring fin­ger to ap­ply a liq­uid con­cealer to any blem­ishes and dark cir­cles.

Choose a cream eye­shadow in a nude beige colour as a base. Ap­ply rose gold or muted mauve eye­shadow and deepen with a cor­re­spond­ing shade. It of­ten helps to choose a quad or pal­ette so you have com­ple­men­tary colours to work with.

Curl lashes, line lids with a pen­cil and fin­ish eyes with a vo­lu­mis­ing mas­cara.

De­fine brows by us­ing a fine-tip brow pen­cil and feath­er­ing colour through.

Ei­ther dot a liq­uid high­lighter lightly along brow bones and cheek­bones and blend with fin­gers, or use a pow­der prod­uct with a brush.

Buff a touch of blush in rose pink on the ap­ples of cheeks for a lit-from-within flush.

De­fine lips with a mauve-pink pen­cil and fin­ish with a re­flec­tive, shim­mer­ing gloss.

Bright idea

Pow­er­fully pig­mented co­ral lip­sticks con­tinue to be top-sell­ers at make-up coun­ters across the coun­try, and with good rea­son. Can you think of a more up­lift­ing, peren­ni­ally pos­i­tive shade than bright or­ange? The good news is that it suits many skin tones and looks par­tic­u­larly fab­u­lous through the sum­mer months, al­though it’s also stun­ning for af­ter-five events.

It can be tricky to find a match­ing lip pen­cil – you can al­ways use a clear or “uni­ver­sal” shade, but we par­tic­u­larly like Karen Mur­rell’s lip pen­cil in Co­ral Dawn.

Use a brush to cre­ate an even base of light­weight, matte-fin­ish foun­da­tion.

Blend shim­mer­ing shades of pearl and soft brown over eye­lids.

This style looks fresh with liq­uid liner ex­tend­ing slightly into a cat’s-eye flick, so that’s an op­tion if you don’t get too tonal with your eye­shadow colours.

Keep brows nat­u­ral and only slightly de­fined, groom­ing them into place with a spoolie brush.

Try a soft peach blush or light golden bronzer to de­fine cheek­bones.

Use lip pen­cil to trace the shape of lips be­fore fill­ing in, and a base to an­chor lip­stick. For a per­fectly pre­cise pout, ap­ply lip­stick with a lip brush rather than di­rectly from the bul­let – you’ll be sur­prised what a dif­fer­ence it makes!

Warm to the sea­son

Peach tones on cheeks and lips brighten the skin in a soft, sub­tle way. They’re also a good op­tion paired with a more dra­matic eye – par­tic­u­larly an es­presso or bronze smoky eye­shadow.

A peach blush with an al­most-im­per­cep­ti­ble amount of shimmer is a great one to have in the ar­se­nal. You’ll be sur­prised how of­ten you reach for it – it’s clever at mak­ing you look healthy and re­laxed and it works well for more low-key oc­ca­sions with just some mas­cara and lip balm.

Use a vel­vet-fin­ish com­pact foun­da­tion and ap­ply with a sponge, build­ing cov­er­age as you go.

A matte or shimmer eye­shadow in an es­presso-brown shade is a good part­ner for this colour lip­stick, shad­ing lids and ex­tend­ing be­low the eyes in the outer cor­ners.

Line in­ner rims of eyes with a match­ing brown pen­cil liner and ap­ply a lenght­en­ing mas­cara.

A stiff-bris­tle an­gled brow brush and pow­der brow colour or a fine tip pen­cil will help you de­fine eye­brows. Use a clear brow-set or try a touch of hair­spray on an old tooth­brush to comb them into place.

Us­ing a fluffy blush brush, add peach blush to the ap­ples of cheeks and slightly up­wards to­wards cheek­bones.

Ap­ply a creamy peach or apri­cot lip­stick and press lips to­gether to set colour. A touch of match­ing gloss will up the glam­our fac­tor. AWW

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