That darned cat...

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The cat you can’t pat that keeps com­ing back!

The breed­ing sea­son has rolled around again and the daily calls in re­gards to stray cats and noisy Tom cats have sprung back in.

Sadly, there is an on­go­ing prob­lemwith stray cats in the com­mu­nity, largely due to peo­ple fail­ing to de-sex their an­i­mals or aban­don­ing them, of­ten even­tu­at­ing in sick, in­jured cats/ kit­tens and moth­er­less kit­tens that re­quire the ser­vices of the SPCA.

Healthy stray cats are not any­one’s le­gal re­spon­si­bil­ity— they are a com­mu­nity con­cern.

It is not fair on a feral cat to be con­fined in a small cage and sadly due to their tem­per­a­ments they are not suit­able for re­hom­ing. It is not the role of the SPCA to eu­thanise any per­fectly healthy­wild cat who is out there mind­ing its own busi­ness, al­beit they might be an­noy­ing and/or prob­lem­atic to some peo­ple.

Nine times out of 10, peo­ple think they have a ‘stray’ but it ac­tu­ally has a home that it pe­ri­od­i­cally graces its pres­ence at.

This presents an­other tricky sit­u­a­tion, the one of ‘own­er­ship’.

Catch­ing a healthy cat, which one may be­lieve to be stray or just plain be­ing a nui­sance and bring­ing it to the SPCA is not the ap­pro­pri­ate way of go­ing about the mat­ter.

Ring­ing the cen­tre first, and dis­cussing the SPCA pro­ce­dures, such as our col­lar and tag pro­ce­dure which aids in es­tab­lish­ing own­er­ship, will save a lot of time and po­ten­tial frus­tra­tion.

Other so­lu­tion-ori­en­tated points to con­sider in keep­ing stray cats away could be:

1) Food sources: if a roam­ing cat can rus­tle up ameal at your place it will try— via a rub­bish bag, through an open win­dow or food left out.

2) Con­sider the at­trac­tion of a fe­male cat that has NOT been spayed. They give off pheromones that can be ir­re­sistible to an in­tact male. De sex­ing is the an­swer to that.

3) Us­ing de­ter­rents: With­out caus­ing the stray un­due stress such as cat re­pel­lent or sim­ply a spray of cold wa­ter so the cat finds your home un­pleas­ant can help.

Please re­mem­ber if you find an an­i­mal that is sick or in­jured, we will al­ways help!

■ Tau­ranga SPCA, visit 43 Alach St. Phone 578 0245. PO Box 2087 Tau­ranga. www.tau­ran­ Face­book www.face­­ranga

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