Time to give your lawn some TLC

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There are a few tricks to cre­at­ing a great gar­den and hav­ing a great lawn is one of them. If you can bor­der it with a clean cut and well man­aged bor­der or hedge then you are well on the way to com­plet­ing the pic­ture.

Now is the time to give your lawn some TLC.

Firstly, like us all, they do need a feed. Use a spe­cific lawn fer­tiliser as this has all the nu­tri­ents the grass needs.

A slow re­lease long-term fert like Bur­nets Ezy Starter & Ren­o­va­tion Or­ganic based fer­tiliser or Tui Lawn Force is ideal for new and es­tab­lished lawns. The ad­van­tage with this is there is no dan­ger of ‘burn­ing’ your lawn and it re­leases the fert over a longer pe­riod.

If your grass is look­ing some­what yel­low and hard, give it a quick boost with the Yates Rapid Green­ing Lawn Food— you just plug it into the hose and spray it on.

Oth­er­wise spread over a straight gran­u­lar lawn fer­tiliser and wa­ter it in well . . . or do it when it is rain­ing.

Older lawns could prob­a­bly do with a bit of an air­ing and thin out by de-thatch­ing— we have a wicked Wolf Garten tool that is great for this. It is amaz­ing how much thatch builds up over the years, suf­fo­cat­ing the grass.

Re­mem­ber not to mow you lawn too low as this only en­cour­ages weed growth and stresses the grass.

Fi­nally there is the prob­lem of weeds and prick­les to be at­tended too and NOW is the time to spray for prickle weed. Use Tur­fix or Prickle Weed­killer on a wind­less warm day— we hire out lawn­boys to do this with. Oth­er­wise try Yates Weed’n’Feed, which you spray on via the hose and is a great prod­uct as you do two jobs in one! If you miss deal­ing to prickle weed now you will have a prickly lawn all sum­mer.

If you are sow­ing a new lawn re­mem­ber that you need to pre­pare the soil re­ally well. At least 200mm of top soil is ideal and then choose a seed that will match your space. There are lawn seed mixes avail­able now that are suit­able for shady places, hot and dry ar­eas and hard­wear­ing mixes.

So for a lovely lawn get to it with some TLC and watch it grow into a lus­cious lawn.

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Now is the per­fect time of year to give your lawn some at­ten­tion.

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