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Ste­fan Knight: Hi Kiekie, First of all con­grat­u­la­tions on your new role as MAC NZ Na­tional makeup artist. Kiekie Stan­ners: Thank you, it’s pretty ex­cit­ing! So what does it mean for you? It means that I’m go­ing to be co-or­di­nat­ing the MAC NZ events team, which we’re also de­vel­op­ it means that we’ve got a re­ally strong team of makeup artists that are go­ing to be out in the in­dus­try, fa­mil­iar faces that are go­ing to be do­ing shoots and shows and ed­i­to­rial work, it’s a re­ally great way to de­velop and men­tor the rest of our MAC artists too. The events team can go back in store and ed­u­cate cus­tomers and the rest of their teams about trend makeup and what they’ve seen out in the in­dus­try, bring­ing that back to the cus­tomers and keep­ing the fash­ion fo­cus too. Will you be do­ing a lot of travel? I will be do­ing In­ter­na­tional fash­ion weeks, I’m go­ing to Syd­ney in a cou­ple of weeks. Also travel in NZ to all the stores for events. Speak­ing of in­ter­na­tional fash­ion weeks, you re­cently got back from Mi­lan fash­ion week. How was that? It was pretty amaz­ing, I got to work with 7 dif­fer­ent make-up direc­tors, learnt how they di­rect their teams, the style of make-up of the mo­ment, and also the style of make-up for Mi­lan fash­ion week is quite a dis­tinct look. It was a pretty amaz­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. Very cool, who were the dif­fer­ent artists you worked with? I worked with Tom Pecheux, which was great - he called me Kiekiwi. I got to work with Diane Ken­dal on Cavali, Lu­cia Peroni at Moschino… I love her! Yes, ob­vi­ously the Moschino look was 90s su­per­model in­spired, so that was a re­ally cool make-up to do with her. I worked with Lu­cia Pica, Maud La­ceppe, Mark Car­rasquillo and Terry Bar­ber. One of the big things I found in Mi­lan this sea­son, was that it was re­ally go­ing back to makeup ba­sics. At a lot of shows we did pre­cise mas­cara and pre­cise brow work. With Terry Bar­ber de­lib­er­ately chunky lashes, that weren’t clumped to­gether, we used the new Stu­dio Sculpt Mas­cara from MAC. Just got that, it’s great! Yup, we used that as a sin­gu­lar coat on all the lashes and then we went back in with an Ex­treme Di­men­sion Mas­cara to dot the rest of the mas­cara on. Mas­cara is of­ten the fin­ish­ing touch rather than the main event, it’s in­ter­est­ing to flip that around. I wanted to ask you what you find women have trou­ble with in terms of make-up? Any wis­dom you’d like to share? Well I’m ob­sessed with skin! When I’m do­ing some­one’s make-up, skin is ev­ery­thing... You must be ex­cited about the new Prep and Prime and CC prod­ucts that MAC has com­ing out? I’m so ob­sessed with Prep and Prime Nat­u­ral Ra­di­ance ra­di­ant pink, it’s not even funny. I ac­tu­ally have to stop my­self us­ing it all the time, it’s beau­ti­ful. I’m ob­sessed with BB creams too, you know, multi pur­pose prod­ucts that are so ad­vanced, they do so many dif­fer­ent things that save you time, the fin­ish is al­ways nat­u­rally lu­mi­nous. They’re amaz­ing. You know, peo­ple want to look like su­per­mod­els now, and it’s so much eas­ier for peo­ple to achieve that with th­ese prod­ucts. I think it’s ex­cit­ing that there are so many prod­ucts that can help you cre­ate that look now, I mean we’re not all go­ing to look like 15-year-old su­per­mod­els, but you can get close. For sure! Let’s talk about fash­ion trends for next sea­son. What are the key trends that you think will be im­por­tant for the com­ing sea­son? Skin, skin, skin, skin. Glow­ing, il­lu­mi­nated, high­lighted skin. There’s a par­tic­u­lar trend called light ef­fects at the mo­ment which is all about pearl pig­ments on the skin. So, adding a pop of a white creamy tone to make the skin look re­ally lu­mi­nous, or us­ing cream tex­tures on the skin to cre­ate that. There’s also a bit of a trend of us­ing white tones on your skin. Maybe us­ing a white eye­liner or a white pearly oys­ter colour around the eyes, mak­ing ev­ery­thing re­ally glowy and slightly sci-fi, it gives you re­ally healthy-look­ing skin which is

a lit­tle bit harder to cre­ate in the win­ter than it is with sum­mer skin. Adding th­ese creamy high­lights gives that il­lu­sion of lu­mi­nos­ity. I love that idea of hav­ing a sci-fi look­ing skin tex­ture. So what else? In terms of make-up styles, it’s def­i­nitely very fem­i­nine. There’s noth­ing too dark or too heavy, it’s kind of ‘grown up girly’. Great de­scrip­tion, I’m all about that! How about eyes? I no­ticed when I was in Mi­lan, the eye make-up is done but it’s not quite per­fect, it’s a lit­tle bit slept in, a lit­tle bit smudged and sul­try. Maybe it’s a liner that you’ve played around with do­ing an un­usual shape; a lit­tle bit ab­stract, with a bit of a badass vibe to it, that’s not too dark. I was also loving that 60s French vibe from the col­lec­tions in Paris, at Saint Lau­rent and a few of the other shows, it was almost a fake-look­ing lash but it was done with lay­ers of mas­cara so it had a real edge to it. Ex­actly, it’s wear­able, it’s a lit­tle bit chunky but it’s not cos­tumey we’re not do­ing a 60s throw­back. I heard a lot of peo­ple talk­ing about Nico as a muse, which makes the look a bit more rock n roll. It’s that look that you can get after a night out with some left­over eye­liner the next morn­ing. So the look is women look­ing beau­ti­ful again. Yes, there’s def­i­nitely no an­drog­yny com­ing through, it’s all about strong fem­i­nine women who are a lit­tle bit more so­phis­ti­cated, it’s not cutesy. Also still hang­ing around is that grunge throw­back look from the 90s, but it has an in­ter­est­ing up­dated feel to it. Ex­actly. Like a smokey eye thats done with cream so by the time she’s had it on for a while it’s kind of worn in, it has that grunge look to it. Beau­ti­ful. That whole rock n roll thing sounds like it’s right up your al­ley. You have that edge to your own per­sonal style. What in­spires you per­son­ally with your look? I’m in­spired by rock ‘n’roll, and mo­tor­cy­cles, and hot cars. I guess I just al­ways wanted to be that cool girl on the back of a motorcycle. I’ve al­ways loved fash­ion too, I used to work at Zambesi be­fore I started makeup and I stud­ied fash­ion, so I think that the way you present your­self is a form of self-ex­pres­sion and I think I’d be lost if I didn’t have a chance to do that every­day. I love that! Do you have any per­sonal make-up tips to share with us? Per­sonal tips, hmmm… Well I would say don’t wear false eye­lashes on the back of a motorcycle, I did that once and it felt like my eye­lids were be­ing forced open by the wind… Oh my God that’s hi­lar­i­ous!! Also don’t wear lip gloss on the back of a motorcycle your lips just get com­pletely cov­ered in hair, wait un­til you ar­rive and then ap­ply your gloss. Ha ha ha… Thats bril­liant! Kiekie it’s been so cool talk­ing to you, thank you for shar­ing all of your wis­dom and your amaz­ing tips, I will never wear false eye­lashes, or lip gloss, on the back of a motorcycle, again! Ha ha ha… Thank you it’s been fun.

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