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A COU­PLE OF weeks out from our pre­ferred de­par­ture date we start watch­ing the weather pat­terns. We use Met­ser­vice, Pre­dictwind and Metvuw. We are look­ing for a nice southerly to carry us all the way up the coast and want to avoid ar­riv­ing in Cook Strait with any kind of northerly or nor-west gale.

Dur­ing the trip we ob­tain the weather forecast from the in­ter­net on our mo­bile phones and from broad­casts on VHF ra­dio. We lis­ten on chan­nel 16 and then tune in to the rel­e­vant chan­nel for the area. Weather broad­casts are made at 0533, 0733, 1333, 1733 and 2133. For this voy­age we lis­ten to the Con­way and Cook fore­casts and note the de­tails in our log book.

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