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Founded in 1908 the Lüders yard spe­cialised in the de­sign and build­ing of fast com­muter launches, Navy pa­trol boats, tugs and rac­ing yachts. Dur­ing WWII it built sub­ma­rine chasers for the US Navy and was renowned for its fast, plan­ing hulls. It was also a pi­o­neer in hot-moulded and marine ply­wood con­struc­tion. In 1958 it built the suc­cess­ful Amer­ica’s Cup de­fender, the 12-me­tre Weatherly, which van­quished Aus­tralia’s Gre­tel in 1962 at New­port, Rhode Is­land. The com­pany folded in 1968, un­will­ing to embrace fi­bre­glass con­struc­tion. Laugh­ing Lady is a rar­ity – be­lieved to be one of only three Lüders power­boats in ex­is­tence to­day.

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