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Adopt­ing these seven healthy habits will help you get in shape for your wed­ding and hon­ey­moon in no time. That’s the ad­vice from health and fit­ness ex­pert Amelia-Jane from Fit, Gor­geous Brides…

1 Never skip a work­out! No mat­ter how you feel or how lit­tle time you have, fit some­thing in. Fif­teen min­utes is bet­ter than noth­ing. Aim for five work­outs a week and book them in like ap­point­ments, so you can plan your life around them.

2 Mix it up. To keep get­ting re­sults from your work­outs, change your rou­tine ev­ery 4-6 weeks. You could try a new class, al­ter your car­dio in­ter­vals or swap your car­dio equip­ment. By mix­ing it up, you’ll keep look­ing for­ward to your work­outs, too.

3 Eat real, not pro­cessed. For en­ergy, re­cov­ery and to get your skin in tip­top shape, ditch the pro­cessed foods and add lots of veg­eta­bles and fruits to your diet. Don’t for­get good fats, too – like nuts, avo­cado, co­conut and olive oil.

4 Get plenty of beauty sleep. A min­i­mum of seven hours per night is a good amount to aim for and will help speed up your me­tab­o­lism.

5 Drink two litres of wa­ter a day. There are heaps of tips on the in­ter­net about how to make sure you get your two litres a day – mine is to drink one litre by mid­day and the other through­out the af­ter­noon. Adding lemon slices to your wa­ter or in­fus­ing it with fruit is a nice way to add some flavour.

6 Treats are OK ev­ery now and then. If you go with­out them 24/7, the chances of you binge­ing on junk in­creases. So al­low your­self a treat once a week. If your favourite is choco­late, buy a small bar of dark choco­late in­stead of a large block!

7 Put the scales away and fo­cus on how you feel. Mak­ing ‘healthy’ a life­style rather than for just a short pe­riod of time doesn’t mean weigh­ing your­self ev­ery day. Take be­fore and af­ter pho­tos and do your mea­sure­ments, but don’t ob­sess over the scales as you will miss the small suc­cesses on your jour­ney. That might be run­ning that ex­tra 100m, how your skin looks amaz­ing, how your jeans fit bet­ter around your hips etc. Small suc­cesses lead to big­ger ones and notic­ing them will keep you mo­ti­vated.

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