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Hope­fully if you are go­ing away for the Christ­mas hol­i­days, you will have al­ready booked a board­ing ken­nel as they fill up re­ally fast at this time of year.

Some peo­ple pre-book when they pick up their pet the hol­i­day be­fore.

If you haven’t and you in­tend go­ing away, please start look­ing now!

There are other op­tions apart from board­ing ken­nels, but again they fill up fast. You may have a fam­ily mem­ber or friend/neigh­bour happy to walk/feed/ wa­ter, but check with them now. Don’t as­sume they will be home.

You will also need to en­sure your pet’s vac­ci­na­tions are up to date (for parvo and ken­nel cough) and get those done as soon as pos­si­ble. All board­ing ken­nels re­quire them and there can be a stand-down pe­riod be­tween hav­ing the vac­ci­na­tion to en­sure your pets are fully cov­ered.

Please don’t leave this im­por­tant part of your hol­i­day too late.

It is all too com­mon that SPCA re­ceives an an­i­mal wel­fare com­plaint that peo­ple have gone away and left their pets locked in­side their house.

Gen­er­ally it is just be­cause they were un­able to find some­one to care for them and thought it would be okay to go away for a few nights leav­ing their pets locked in­side with a bowl of food and wa­ter.

SPCA has heard many an ex­cuse and none of them are ac­cept­able — ‘But it was only for a cou­ple of nights,’ ‘I gave them a big bowl of food. They will only eat half to­day and will leave the rest for to­mor­row,’ ‘It won’t kill them to be on their own for a few days,’ ‘they needed to lose weight any­way’. The ex­cuses never end.

They hear on a reg­u­lar ba­sis, ‘but I love my pet and would never do any­thing to harm them. They are part of the fam­ily’.

Well, you would never leave your baby/tod­dler who re­lies on you for care locked in your house for days on end with one bowl of food.

Please start or­gan­is­ing this now as Christ­mas is just around the corner.

Don’t for­get to make pro­vi­sion for your an­i­mals when you’re off on hol­i­day.

It’s not ok to leave pets locked in­side while go­ing away on hol­i­day.

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