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This week it’s all about wa­ter, whether it be putting a chem­i­cal in it to help pro­tect our teeth, or pay­ing for it through me­ters. To the flu­o­ride mat­ter first, this is an is­sue which has af­fected ev­ery com­mu­nity around New Zealand. Coun­cils have spent hours con­sid­er­ing whether the chem­i­cal should be added to wa­ter sup­plies. Much of the de­bate is emo­tive and coun­cil­lors have strug­gled to sep­a­rate the emo­tion from the sci­ence. Lo­cal Govern­ment New Zealand has said it’s bet­ter for dis­trict health boards to make de­ci­sions over flu­o­ride, rather than make each coun­cil re­peat the process. To the wa­ter me­ters is­sue, it ap­pears some prop­er­ties re­main on a shared wa­ter con­nec­tion and there­fore will share a me­ter, and have to share the costs. Res­i­dents who con­tacted the Edi­tion said they did not see why they should have to pay $2000 to sep­a­rate their con­nec­tions when they be­lieve that re­spon­si­bil­ity sits with the coun­cil, which is in­stalling the me­ters.

Lawrence Gullery

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