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I was happy to read your ar­ti­cle about the poor ser­vice we get with re­gard to the mow­ing of Auck­land City Coun­cil grass verges.

I have been phon­ing the coun­cil con­stantly over the past 5 years to re­mind them to mow the grass berms/ verges in our area – One­hunga North.

I moved into this area nearly 10 years ago, and my fam­ily al­ways re­marked how neat and tidy the area looked. Then sud­denly, overnight the area started look­ing like a Third World slum.

The penny dropped some time later when I re­alised that this was the work of John Banks com­ing into power, and ob­vi­ously try­ing to fi nd easy cash to pay for the spaghetti junc­tion up­grade.

I in­vite you to come and see our area when it is ne­glected and not mown enough.

The most an­noy­ing fac­tor about the coun­cil slash­ing the num­ber of mows is that they are not re­quired to mow ev­ery verge, be­cause at least 50 per­cent of res­i­dents mow their own. Also, they are never mown of­ten enough over the faster grow­ing months of the year like spring or late au­tumn.

It’s ut­terly em­bar­rass­ing when friends from afar visit here and see our streets look­ing like a pigsty.

When you visit an­other city out­side of Auck­land the first thing you no­tice is how at­trac­tive and tidy their verges are. Then you drive back into Auck­land, New Zealand’s big­gest city, and you think boy oh boy what a dump.

I think it’s an ex­tremely poor ser­vice where we pay the coun­cil to main­tain their own prop­erty, and they ne­glect it.

I have com­plained/com­mented con­stantly to my lo­cal coun­cil­lor and the coun­cil to get the berms cut more of­ten but noth­ing has been done about it. Sad. PAT DYER One­hunga

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