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Peo­ple, ques­tions and their top­ics – like goug­ing and LPG, thieves, a crit­i­cal non-reader takes the plunge and says he’s not guilty, what about the wealthy pay­ing their debt to so­ci­ety, and where is an In­spec­tor Morse? Brian Wheeler, Mt Roskill: “LPG does not mean Let’s Price Gouge. We are con­stantly con­fronted with an ever-in­creas­ing price for petrol or diesel. We visit the su­per­mar­ket, dairy or garage and find milk, cheese, but­ter and bread are ris­ing and grad­u­ally be­ing priced off the ta­ble for many. Meat looks set to fol­low.

“Elec­tric­ity and gas prices are also in­creas­ing. Those in em­ploy­ment are find­ing it dif­fi­cult. Those of us un­em­ployed or on a pen­sion have no al­ter­na­tive but to tighten our belts and use less or do with­out. Our in­come does not rise to cope.

“I am 72 and re­cov­er­ing from a cou­ple of op­er­a­tions and need some warmth. For many years I have used an LPG heater dur­ing cold weather. LPG over time has risen a few cents or a dol­lar.

‘‘I went to where I have al­ways gone and re­filled a 9kg bot­tle for $21.23. Next time I went for an­other re­fill, the cost was $26.23. I was as­ton­ished – a rise of $5. I am not aware of us im­port­ing LPG so can only as­sume that some New Zealan­der is rip­ping off his coun­try­men.

“Apolo­gies if I am wrong.

“A few cents, maybe a dol­lar, is pos­si­bly ac­cept­able but an ap­prox­i­mately 25 per­cent price rise is not and should be in­ves­ti­gated and con­trolled by the gov­ern­ment. I do not think it is too much to ask that the poor and el­derly should be fairly treated.

“To think I did 22 years’ naval ser­vice, mostly on low pay, and went through six war zones in sup­posed peace­time, to pro­tect those in power and give them the good life so they could screw me in my old age. Now I need to think who shall I vote for? It’s pay­back time.” PB: For the record, 9kg at our coun­try ser­vice spon­sor­ship. That is ex­cept for the el­derly and busy moth­ers with chil­dren. If he is gen­uine, surely evenings and week­ends would be a bet­ter op­tion. Just who is this young man tar­get­ing?

“For­tu­nately, I never carry cash. I am a stus­ta­tion costs $28.80. dent and I just don’t have ex­tra money Judy Oatham, On­earound. In hind­sight, hunga: “I write this as per­haps this was a an­other re­minder to us cheap les­son, al­though all, that New Zealand is up­set­ting and frus­tratno longer the safe coun­ing! In­deed, writ­ing try it was, even while we this has just re­minded are in our own homes. me to close my slid­ing

“On the morn­ing of door com­pletely. OpenTues­day, May 27, I was ing win­dows and doors bur­gled and yes, I was has be­come such a ha­bat home. This came as it, some­thing Ki­wis do quite a shock, surely me – though per­haps a lot and my hum­ble be­long-

less th­ese days!” ings would be safe in the bright light of day Alan Kin­dred, Doand, while I was in the min­ion Rd: “Thanks house. for putting into print

“Sadly, it ap­pears this your thoughts on our is no longer the case. An jus­tice sys­tem re­gar­doppor­tunist thief, un­der ing the Kahui twins the guise of a church and Ian Crutch­ley. I am mem­ber col­lect­ing for a in com­plete agree­ment walkathon, reached in with your com­ments and took my wal­let out and the sen­si­tiv­ity that of my back­pack packed oc­curs as soon as the ready for Uni and calmwhanau is in­volved. ly walked away. Where The ques­tion is, though, was I, you might ask? A what can we do about few feet away tak­ing a it? brief phone call. “It’s not the law, it’s

“It seems odd that he the ju­di­cial in­ter­pre­ta­chose a morn­ing and a tion of it. Our ju­di­ciary week­day, when most has made the po­lice peo­ple are out, to max­ham­strung and cu­nimise op­por­tu­ni­ties for ning defence lawyers know it. Per­haps there needs to be an In­spec­tor Morse out there some­where?” Peter Coumbe, west Auck­land: “I nor­mally don’t read you but I did take note of your col­umn on child abuse and your as­ser­tion that we, as New Zealand so­ci­ety, are guilty of let­ting this hap­pen, that we have been tried and found guilty.

“By who ex­actly – you? Doesn’t seem a very fair trial to me. I would be in­ter­ested to know why I am re­spon­si­ble and what your ev­i­dence is to sup­port this.

“Per­haps you can make me re­spon­si­ble for trades­men did­dling their cus­tomers, for cus­tomers not pay­ing trades­men, for cer­tain gov­ern­ment de­part­ments lav­ishly spend­ing tax­pay­ers’ money, for cer­tain fi­nance com­pany CEOs claim­ing bonuses when their com­pany went bank­rupt, for high-rank­ing po­lice of­fi­cers get­ting new cars when sus­pended, for cer­tain prime min­is­ters speed­ing through the night at out­ra­geous speed as though we were a tin­pot ba­nana repub­lic with dis­re­gard for any­one else on the road.

“I could go on. You may as well shoot me – ex­cept I am go­ing to work to­mor­row to pay rates and taxes and keep my loved ones from want and my border col­lie in dog bis­cuits, and per­haps do some com­mu­nity work and give my cus­tomers a fair deal.

“I wish for a change some­one would feel guilty about peo­ple try­ing hard in this coun­try in the face of lack of in­tegrity and in­sight in ev­ery di­rec­tion. Am I guilty of not giv­ing a rat’s a*** – ex­ple­tive deleted – about peo­ple’s pa­thetic rea­sons for do­ing the wrong thing? You bet ya.” Rachel Quar­ter­main, Grey Lynn: “I too feel dis­tressed by th­ese aw­ful cases of par­ents hurt­ing their chil­dren. But ‘the gov­ern­ment, its de­part­ments, the com­mu­nity, fam­i­lies, whanau, neigh­bours and friends’ shouldn’t be blamed. The re­spon­si­bil­ity for the mur­der of th­ese chil­dren lies with the per­son who mur­dered them.

“Many thanks for fos­ter­ing di­a­logue in the com­mu­nity re­gard­ing th­ese im­por­tant is­sues.” Ian May, Pa­p­a­toe­toe: “The prob­lem of vi­o­lence to­wards chil­dren is handed down from the par­ents to the chil­dren. Sim­ple an­swer: Break the cy­cle.

“What is be­ing done at present isn’t work­ing.

“All girls preg­nant for the first time should be re­quired to at­tend par­ent­ing classes – prefer­ably with the fa­ther. This would be ar­ranged through their GP and run by an or­gan­i­sa­tion like Plun­ket.

“Fund­ing could be looked for from the very wealthy. We note the trusts set up by peo­ple like Bill Gates.

“This would be an op­por­tu­nity for some very wealthy folk in New Zealand to give some­thing back to the pop­u­la­tion that helped make them wealthy and at the same time im­prove their pub­lic im­age.” J J K Boul­ton, Waitakere: “I won­dered if you could men­tion our abor­tion sta­tis­tics? I note those who shed croc­o­dile tears over high profile baby deaths sup­port the death of un­born chil­dren by their si­lence.”

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