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I have just fi nished read­ing your ar­ti­cle on the front page ($ 35,000 boob bat­tle, Cen­tral Leader, Au­gust 22).

I’d like to know if those women on the bikes in­cluded Steve’s mother, wife, girl­friend or sis­ter or any women he loved and re­spected.

I would like to thank John Banks for show­ing re­spect for women and stand­ing up for us. No amount of money spent to dig­nify and re­spect women is too much. Do­ing the right thing has cost. As a ratepay- er I am proud of my mayor stand­ing up for what is right and I have no prob­lem with my money be­ing spent in that way.

Shame on the men who gath­ered to watch and shame on them for de­grad­ing and dis­re­spect­ing women. Those mis­guided women are some­one’s lit­tle girls, some­one’s sis­ters.

Peo­ple also used to watch the glad­i­a­tors but we know it was bar­baric – it was not right and it was not moral. Should we do it? Should we get peo­ple eaten and killed as sport be­cause peo­ple will want to watch?

How much dif­fer­ence is there be­tween that and Boobs on Bikes?

Why don’t we grow up? Why don’t we be­come civilised?

Sure we don’t have to be there if we don’t want to see it, but what if we work there?

I feel such prac­tices are abu­sive to woman, are ex­ploitive and dis­re­spect­ful and good on John Banks for mak­ing a stand for women. ZAHRA HER­RMANN


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