Pri­or­i­ties up­side down

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Why did $ 35,000 even need to be spent when a sim­ple “no” en­forced by a row of po­lice cars and ac­com­pa­ny­ing po­lice force is all that was needed?

There are so many bet­ter uses for this money. Tax­pay­ers’ money seems to be spent very frivolously even though it was earned with so much ef­fort. What is hap­pen­ing to this coun­try? A per­vert like Steve Crow de­cides to have a grotesque pa­rade to en­tice a bunch of per­verts to watch this and in­crease his mon­e­tary gain. Auck­land city can do noth­ing to stop this. We just see a dis­play of stu­pid­ity and weak­ness be­cause “no one can stop this”.

New Zealand is sim­ply a haven for per­verts and crim­i­nals.

I have spent the last 10 years liv­ing in Los An­ge­les. Not too much shocks me. I think New Zealand may well end up with the same so­cial prob­lems which are preva­lent over in the United States.

I also can’t be­lieve you would give the grotesque Steve Crow pride of place in your news­pa­per by putting a large pic­ture of him on the cover. The pro­test­ers were put be­low in a much smaller photo. Maybe your pri­or­i­ties here are a bit ‘up­side down’.

Steve Crow’s photo will be placed in the most suit­able place I can think of – in our cat lit­ter tray. There his grotesque vis­age will be graced with sub­stances most suit­able for it. I’ll make sure the pro­test­ers’ photo is well out of harm’s way. MARIA IVANA SE­CREST

Pt Che­va­lier Beach

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