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I am moved to write in re­sponse to Maria Se­crest’s let­ter (Pri­or­i­ties up­side down, Cen­tral Leader, Septem­ber 3).

Maria fi nds the Boobs on Bikes pa­rade per­verted and of­fen­sive and wants to use the po­lice to en­force a ban on it.

I fi nd Maria’s let­ter dis­turb­ing on many lev­els.

Firstly I am in­dif­fer­ent to the pa­rade. I never saw it. I have more im­por­tant things to do like work.

But I have no prob­lem with it and don’t fi nd it per­verted or of­fen­sive.

How­ever I do have a prob­lem with peo­ple who would like to use the po­lice force to en­force their point of view. The po­lice are em­ployed to fi ght crime.

They are funded from my taxes for that pur­pose.

I have a prob­lem with peo­ple who think that be­cause they fi nd some­thing ob­jec­tion­able then every­one else should also.

If Maria doesn’t like the pa­rade then don’t watch it.

But don’t tell me what I should and shouldn’t do. R I C H A R D J E N K I N S


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