Can health be af­fected by teeth?

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Our mouths are the en­try to our bodies and what hap­pens there can have a dras­tic af­fect on our over­all gen­eral health. In a nut­shell, hav­ing a healthy mouth can help us all live longer. So the re­verse of this ou­tra­geous state­ment is that an un­healthy mouth as­so­ci­ated with un­healthy teeth can de­crease our life ex­pectancy. Now here is the scary bit - most of­ten when our teeth and gums are un­healthy we don’t even know. Why? Be­cause there is no sore­ness or dis­com­fort. Yes, that is cor­rect - sick teeth and gums do not cause pain un­til the prob­lem has gone too far. Dr Si­mon Wen­ley of The Den­tists wants to see you be­fore things get to the painful stage - “Find the prob­lem early and treat it small,” he says. In th­ese dif­fi­cult eco­nomic times it is all too easy to de­fer main­te­nance. We all know what the con­se­quences of that are for our car. Failed war­rant of fit­ness is one con­se­quence. The con­se­quences on our health for failed oral fit­ness can be dra­matic. Den­tal dis­ease may start in the mouth but it can be­come a se­ri­ous dis­ease for the en­tire body. Stud­ies have shown that moderate to se­vere gum dis­ease can in­crease the sever­ity of heart at­tack by a much as 25 per­cent, stroke by as much as a fac­tor of 10, res­pi­ra­tory dis­ease, di­ges­tive dis­ease and low birth weight. Tooth de­cay is pain­less. It is an in­fec­tious dis­ease that can spread from per­son to per­son. It is caused by hav­ing a mouth full of bad bac­te­ria and a diet that the bad germs like. Den­tistry now has the tools get rid of the bad germs and en­cour­age the growth of the good bac­te­ria. Don’t use the state of the econ­omy as an ex­cuse not to make that den­tal visit. Dr Wen­ley is also one of the grow­ing num­ber of den­tists who are amal­gam free, amal­gam safe and a mem­ber of the In­ter­na­tional As­so­ci­a­tion of Mer­cury Free Den­tists. Dr Wen­ley has a state of the art den­tal prac­tice with laser tech­nol­ogy and Cerec Cad cam tech­nol­ogy, to match his skills and years of ex­pe­ri­ence and pas­sion for the job he loves - help­ing peo­ple have healthy mouths and teach­ing how that can be achieved. For an ap­point­ment please, phone 625 1411. Visit www.den­tal­well­ and www. den­tal­

Den­tal team: Pic­tured are Dr Si­mon Wen­ley, den­tal nurse Ruk­mani Nair, left, and re­cep­tion­ist Jen­nifer Par­tridge.

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