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1. Food – fresh wa­ter, grass and hay ev­ery day. Rab­bits also like fruit and car­rots 2. Home – a large, warm, in­door en­clo­sure with toys and hid­ing places 3. Ex­er­cise – a large, preda­tor-proof en­clo­sure. 4. Com­pany – put aside plenty of time to play with, han­dle and love your rab­bit ev­ery day 5. Su­per­vi­sion – su­per­vise your chil­dren 6. Groom­ing – reg­u­lar brush­ing stops hair­balls 7. Vet care – be pre­pared to whisk your bunny off to the vet if any­thing is amiss 8. Num­bers – rab­bits live in fam­ily groups in the wild so con­sider hav­ing a pair of de-sexed rab­bits

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