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A new black­list­ing sys­tem could be the an­swer to stop­ping smart­phone theft.

The new sys­tem put in place by Voda­fone, Tele­com and 2de­grees means that once a mo­bile has been re­ported stolen it won’t work on any of the three net­works.

Black­list­ing re­lies on ev­ery mo­bile phone hav­ing a unique 15-digit in­ter­na­tional mo­bile equip­ment iden­tity (IMEI) num­ber, which is silently trans­mit­ted to the car­rier each time it is used to make a call.

Smart­phone own­ers need to record their IMEI num­ber so they can pro­vide it to their net­work provider if the phone is lost or stolen.

In De­cem­ber the three mo­bile op­er­a­tors be­gan shar­ing their lists of stolen de­vices with one another and with over­seas tel­cos through an in­ter­na­tional data­base.

Po­lice say the sys­tem will mean stolen phones have no value on the streets.

Stolen smart­phones could still be used as wi-fi-only de­vices or sold over­seas and used on net­works that didn’t check for stolen IMEIs.

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