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New Zealand has the high­est me­lanoma in­ci­dence rate in the world. More than 2000 new cases are di­ag­nosed each year.

It is the most com­monly reg­is­tered cancer in men aged 25-44 and the sec­ond most com­mon in women of the same age.

Sun­burn in child­hood in­creases risk of me­lanoma in later life.

Symp­toms can of­ten be de­scribed by the ABCDE sys­tem:

Asym­me­try: two halves of the mole are dif­fer­ent from one an­other

Bor­der: the edges of the mole are poorly de­fined. It is ragged, notched, blurred or an ir­reg­u­lar shape

Colour: the colour is un­even with shades of black, brown and tan. Me­lanomas may also be white, grey, red, pink or blue

Di­am­e­ter: there is a change, par­tic­u­larly an in­crease, in size. Me­lanomas are usu­ally big­ger than six mil­lime­tres

El­e­va­tion: as it pro­gresses, part or all of it will be­come el­e­vated.

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