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Wrin­kles, grey hair, and cataracts are all in­evitable signs of in­creas­ing age. Even­tu­ally, we all get cataracts, some ear­lier, some later; just like wrin­kles and grey hair. When Jan dis­cov­ered that her blur­ring and de­vel­op­ing haze was due to cataracts, she chose Eye In­sti­tute for her cataract surgery and vi­sion cor­rec­tion.

It’s lit­tle sur­prise that cataract surgery is the safest pros­thetic oper­a­tion known to man, which has be­come a re­mark­ably ac­cu­rate vi­sion cor­rec­tion pro­ce­dure that of­fers op­tions for re­duced glasses use, some­times even com­plete in­de­pen­dence from glasses.

Ad­vances in tech­nol­ogy mean that astig­ma­tism, short sight­ed­ness, long sight­ed­ness and even the need for read­ing glasses can po­ten­tially be over­come.

‘‘The re­ac­tion when some­one looks through their ‘‘new eyes’’ the day af­ter surgery can be amaz­ing and heart­warm­ing’’ Dr Peter Ring, one of Eye In­sti­tute’s nine cataract surgeons says.

Cataract surgery at Eye In­sti­tute uses the lat­est tech­nol­ogy from Amer­ica and is car­ried out by ex­pert Eye In­sti­tute surgeons Pro­fes­sor He­len DaneshMeyer, Pro­fes­sor Charles McGhee and Drs Si­mon Dean, Trevor Gray, Peter Had­den, Nick Man­tell, Peter Ring, Shanu Sub­biah and Adam Wat­son.

Pro­ce­dures are car­ried out on-site in the sta­teof-the-art day stay op­er­at­ing suite in Re­muera.

An Eye In­sti­tute pa­tient, who pre­ferred to be known only as ‘‘Jan from Whanga­paraoa’’ has worn con­tact lenses for more than 40 years. Cou­pled with the grow­ing cataract, she found that her loss of vi­sion was a slow process, mak­ing the de­vel­op­ing haze and dulling of colour al­most un­no­tice­able un­til it reached its worst. Her eyes used to tire eas­ily by the end of the day, but now, one day af­ter her surgery she al­ready finds her vis­ual re­sults re­mark­able.

‘‘Colours are more vi­brant – white is WHITE’’! She re­peats em­phat­i­cally. The murky grey haze has gone in­stantly.

The time to em­brace the vi­sion you’ve al­ways wanted, to ex­pe­ri­ence the colour and vi­brancy of crisp, clear vi­sion is here. Eye In­sti­tute of­fers the most ad­vanced pro­ce­dures per­formed for cataracts to­day with re­mark­able pre­ci­sion and life-chang­ing vis­ual out­comes.

Har­ness your best vi­sion at Eye In­sti­tute, to­day! Call 0800 44 20 20 or visit www.eye­in­sti­tute.co.nz to find out more.

Cataract ex­pert: Dr Peter Ring is one of Eye In­sti­tutes many top eye surgeons, who car­ries out the cataract surgery pro­ce­dures at its Re­muera clinic.

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