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What is Sikhism? It was founded by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and is based on the be­lief of one God for ev­ery­one. Sikhs be­lieve the way to lead a good life is to keep God in the heart and mind at all times, live hon­estly and work hard, treat ev­ery­one equally and help those less for­tu­nate.

They fol­low the writ­ings and teach­ings of the Ten Sikh Gu­rus.

What does be­ing Sikh mean to you?

I was born in a Sikh fam­ily in In­dia. When I came to New Zealand more than 20 years ago I re­dis­cov­ered it. I con­nect to it. I feel re­born in re­li­gion. It saves us from a lot of bad things. You can’t de­scribe that sort of heal­ing.

How do you prac­tise it in your daily life?

Ev­ery morn­ing I read the five hymns. Be­fore that I sit and re­lax my mind and med­i­tate on the word ‘‘Wa­he­guru’’ which means God is one, he is the cre­ator, his pres­ence never dies. I re­mem­ber him all the time.

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