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Geo­caching is like a global trea­sure hunt where peo­ple, called geo­cachers, search for clev­erly hid­den con­tain­ers known as geo­caches.

A geo­cacher hides a geo­cache and chal­lenges oth­ers to find it us­ing a smart­phone app or GPS de­vice

Geo­caches can con­tain a log­book for finders to sign or small trin­kets for trade

Geo­caches are put back where they are found for the next geo­cacher

The word geo­caching was first coined in 2000 - it com­bines ‘‘geo’’ for geog­ra­phy and ‘‘caching’’ for the process of stor­ing or hid­ing ma­te­ri­als

Non-geo­cachers are known as mug­gles

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