AUT lets you choose your loos


An Auck­land uni­ver­sity has in­tro­duced all-gen­der toi­lets on cam­pus to cater for its rain­bow stu­dents.

AUT Rain­bow Com­mu­nity man­ager Audrey Hutch­e­son said 165 toi­lets were re­as­signed as all gen­der to cater for gen­der di­verse peo­ple. The term gen­der di­verse refers to those who see them­selves as dif­fer­ent from ‘male’ or ‘fe­male’. Hutch­e­son said toi­lets could be un­safe places to be for peo­ple who iden­tify as a gen­der di­verse. The right to use the bath­room and feel safe do­ing so was a ba­sic hu­man right, she said. Hutch­e­son said there were safety is­sues for rain­bow stu­dents in us­ing bath­rooms, par­tic­u­larly for those peo­ple tran­si­tion­ing.

The ‘‘rain­bow com­mu­nity’’ refers to peo­ple who are gay, les­bian, bi­sex­ual, trans­gen­der, takat­a­pui, fa’afafine, in­ter­sex or queer. ‘‘If you’re in tran­si­tion and look too fem­i­nine to be­long in a male bath­room, or too mas­cu­line to be­ing us­ing a fe­male bath­room, be­ing at­tacked ver­bally or phys­i­cally is really com­mon for these stu­dents,’’ she said.

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