Move over flat white - fizzy cof­fee is here


Black, white, short, long, hot, cold or iced.

Those are just a few ways peo­ple take their cof­fee in to­day’s highly caf­feinated world.

But a Nel­son com­pany is adding to that list, cre­at­ing sparkling cold-brew cof­fee in a ready-to­drink bot­tle - be­lieved to be the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Yes, you read right: fizzy cof­fee.

It’s called Rad Cold Brew Cof­fee. The name stands for ‘‘re­spon­si­ble and dan­ger­ous’’, re­fer­ring to the sus­tain­ably sourced African cof­fee beans and the edgy take on the tra­di­tional drink.

It was cre­ated by Hay­den Thomp­son, gen­eral man­ager of Pomeroy’s Cof­fee and Tea Com­pany, and ath­lete man­ager Johnny Gbenda-Charles.

They came up with the idea nine months ago and started sourc­ing beans and experimenting with recipes at The Cof­fee Fac­tory in Stoke.

What they set­tled on was a lightly car­bon­ated, cold-brew cof­fee made from African beans.

Thomp­son said the cof­fee is left to soak for 10 hours and brewed cold so it doesn’t adopt the overly bit­ter taste that de­vel­ops when hot cof­fee is left to cool.

It is then re­duced to a con­cen­trate, which is sent to Pete’s Nat­u­ral Le­mon­ade in Motueka, where it is wa­tered down and car­bon­ated.

The first 4000 bot­tles were pro­duced this month.

Thomp­son said the flavour was ‘‘un­usual’’.

‘‘The bit­ter­ness definitely comes through; you know you’re drink­ing a cof­fee prod­uct. The more you have it does kind of sweeten it­self up and you get a bit of a choco­late tone at the fin­ish.’’

Each bot­tle of Rad con­tains a lit­tle over a dou­ble-shot of cof­fee.

‘‘If it’s a hot day and you just want some­thing that’s a lit­tle bit more re­fresh­ing than a milky bev- er­age then this is just an­other way to go,’’ Thomp­son said.

‘‘I don’t know if it’s cur­rently a trend as yet, we’re hop­ing it will be. It’s more so a point of dif­fer- ence.’’

Thomp­son said serv­ing cold­brew cof­fee with sparkling water wasn’t new, but only a small num­ber of com­pa­nies around the world were bot­tling it.

He said car­bon­ated cof­fee pro­vided aer­a­tion over the tongue, which would help peo­ple to pick up the sub­tle flavours.

‘‘I don't know if it's cur­rently a trend as yet, we're hop­ing it will be. It's more so a point of dif­fer­ence’’


Pomeroy’s Hay­den Thomp­son pours out a tall glass of Rad Cold Brew Cof­fee.

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