Man un­recog­nis­able af­ter los­ing 86kg

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An Auck­land man who was so obese he ‘‘dis­gusted’’ him­self has lost 86kg - half his body weight.

An­drew Lall, 31, de­cided to take con­trol of his habits in Oc­to­ber 2015 af­ter tip­ping the scales at a whop­ping 174kg and is fi­nally at his goal weight of 88kg.

‘‘I was dis­gusted with my­self to say the least.

‘‘I re­alised that if I didn’t make a change then, I wouldn’t be around for long for my fam­ily.’’

Since then, the fa­ther-of-one has worked off 86kg through diet and ex­er­cise.

Through his gru­elling 19 month trans­for­ma­tion, Lall has ex­pe­ri­enced all the con­se­quences you would ex­pect of a dra­matic weight loss - new found con­fi­dence and a new wardrobe - but some not so ex­pected.

‘‘Strangely, I had to buy new shoes be­cause I dropped two shoe sizes in the process,’’ Lall said.

The same goes for his wed­ding band.

‘‘It’s been re­sized so many times. I have to wear a cheap one un­til I stop los­ing weight, so I can re­size it one last time.’’

He said an un­ex­pected dif­fer­ence is how peo­ple treat him.

Where as he was of­ten ex­cluded from so­cial oc­ca­sions in the past, he is sought out now.

Then there is the small mat­ter of peo­ple not recog­nis­ing him.

‘‘My job in­cludes trav­el­ling around and visit­ing clients, some of whom I’ve not seen in years, so it’s some­times a prob­lem when they lit­er­ally don’t recog­nise me be­cause I’ve lost so much weight.’’ Lall said his gym and work­place greatly helped him out along the way.

‘‘My work place, Digital Is­land, pro­motes a healthy life­style and does things like ’take-the-stair­sWednes­day’ and give em­ploy­ees an hour’s paid time-off each week to go and work out.’’

When he started his jour­ney, he couldn’t climb one flight of stairs with­out get­ting breath­less, now he climbs the three to his of­fice with ease.

‘‘I had to teach my­self to go to the gym like I was go­ing to war - the act of get­ting strong starts in your head.

‘‘Now peo­ple come up to me all the time and ask me what my se­cret is, and I say it’s all about never giv­ing up.

His main mes­sage is for peo­ple to stay away from short cut-di­ets.

‘‘They not only cost a lot of money but also pro­mote food that is not real food - I have lost all my weight nat­u­rally, and even en­joy one cheat meal a week.’’


Lall’s main ad­vice for any­one want­ing to lose weight is to stay away from short cut-di­ets that don’t ac­tu­ally in­volve real food.

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