East-West Link sim­u­la­tions seen as disin­gen­u­ous


The New Zealand Trans­port Agency (NZTA) has redacted in­ac­cu­rate images it used to ap­ply for con­sent on New Zealand’s most ex­pen­sive road­ing project.

NZTA is in the process of seek­ing re­source con­sent for the East-West Link (EWL) in­fra­struc­ture project.

In its ap­pli­ca­tion for con­sent NZTA in­cluded images re­lat­ing to the Neil­son Street interchange part of the project. The images were photos of a Manukau Har­bour coast­line, which had 3D mod­el­ling of the high­way dig­i­tally over­laid to show the pro­posed path of the EWL.

One photo was taken from the Tau­manu/One­hunga Fore­shore Re­serve look­ing south-east to­wards the interchange. Another photo was taken from One­hunga Mall look­ing west across Glouces­ter Park.

How­ever, in­de­pen­dent vis­ual sim­u­la­tions pro­duced by op­po­si­tion group The One­hunga En­hance­ment So­ci­ety (TOES) found NZTA’s images fea­tured mis­takes. They showed the height of ramps be­tween the over­bridge and the start of the mo­tor­way trench were too low.

An NZTA state­ment claim­ing the Manukau Har­bour would be vis­i­ble from one of the view­points was also re­tracted. New vi­su­al­i­sa­tions were is­sued cor­rect­ing the er­rors.

NZTA land­scape and vis­ual ex­pert Gavin Lis­ten said the changes were im­ma­te­rial.

TOES chair­per­son Jim Jack­son said the images were disin­gen­u­ous to the con­sent­ing process.

NZTA needed to show greater cor­po­rate and so­cial re­spon­si­bil­ity and bet­ter en­gage busi­nesses and res­i­dents, he said. He sup­ported the project but it needed to be done in a man­ner which did not com­pro­mise the One­hunga com­mu­nity, Jack­son said.

NZTA sys­tem de­signs man­ager Brett Glid­don said the vi­su­als were con­cepts pro­duced for the con­sent­ing process and not for en­gage­ment.

‘‘Fol­low­ing the board of in­quiry process, we will con­tinue to carry out more de­tailed de­sign and will be en­gag­ing with the com­mu­nity on this dur­ing the next stage of the project,’’ Glid­don said.

‘‘NZTA need to show greater cor­po­rate and so­cial re­spon­si­bil­ity and bet­ter en­gage busi­nesses and res­i­dents.’’


TOES chair­per­son Jim Jack­son says NZTA’s images are disin­gen­u­ous to the con­sent­ing process.

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