Pets make a house feel like a home

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Pets of all shapes, sizes and types are not just a ‘toy’ to own for a month or two un­til the hype wears off, they are a liv­ing crea­ture that you must com­mit to. They should be treated like a fam­ily mem­ber with their own needs and wants. If you are in the process of pur­chas­ing or ac­quir­ing an an­i­mal there is a num­ber of things to take into con­sid­er­a­tion. What type of pet would best suit your fam­ily’s sit­u­a­tion, needs and wants? Cats are an easy pet to home and most will fit into fam­ily life. Short-hair, long-hair or a length in be­tween? What colour? Boy or girl? You will also need to ask your­self what type of food to feed your cat. Whether you will have the cat neutered etc. Most cats are quite in­de­pen­dent and will oc­cupy their own time, while the fam­ily is at work and school for the day. The neigh­bours won’t com­plain about your cat me­ow­ing all day due to lone­li­ness – cats pre­fer to have down time look­ing out win­dows, sleep­ing on your bed. If you de­cide to get a kit­ten, some­one will need to be at home with it for large parts of the day for the first few months. You will also need to toi­let train it, which can take a while. Dogs are a great fam­ily pet to have too. Most breeds re­quire some form of daily walk­ing or ex­er­cise and most don’t re­spond well to be­ing left alone for great lengths of time. If work or school com­mit­ments re­quire you to be away from home through­out the day, en­sure your dog has plenty to do while alone – leave toys out for him to chew on, chase and play with while home alone. You can also leave the ra­dio or TV on for ‘com­pany’. And be sure to give him plenty of food and fresh wa­ter. Once you are home lav­ish kind­ness on your dog and take him/her for a walk, no mat­ter what the weather. There are other an­i­mals that make for great pets. Rats, mice, birds, fish, rab­bits, guinea pigs etc. To de­cide on what kind of an­i­mal will suit you and your fam­ily sit down and talk to each other and then do your re­search.

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