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Spring is in the air. The evenings are draw­ing out and the birds are whistling a merry tune in the trees sur­round­ing your lit­tle piece of par­adise. But the ex­te­rior of your home is look­ing a lit­tle worse for the wear af­ter bat­tling the gail force winds and pound­ing rains that only the months of win­ter bring. And the in­te­rior - well that’s an­other story al­to­gether. It’s time to clean up and get ready for the long hot sum­mer you are all no doubt hop­ing for. But where to start?

Be­fore any clean­ing takes place it is prob­a­bly a good idea to clear out all the un­wanted rub­bish that you and your fam­ily have so clev­erly be­come at­tached to over the months or years if you haven’t had a good clear out for a while. If you have chil­dren and they are old enough, as­sign them the task of clear­ing out bro­ken toys, clothes that no longer fit and other be­long­ings they have no fur­ther use for. If you trust their in­stincts, give each mem­ber of your house­hold a big black garbage bag and get them to fill it up with every­thing they be­lieve needs talken to the dump. As­sign them a white one for clothes that can be taken to the op shops and re­cy­cled for years to come. How­ever, if you don’t trust their in­stincts, have them sort items into piles that you can check over be­fore dis­pers­ing.

Once all the rub­bish has been re­moved, the clean-up truly be­gins.

Hope­fully you have cho­sen a warm week­end to turn your house up­side down, if so re­move all nec­es­sary items from the liv­ing ar­eas and empty kitchen cup­boards into boxes. Clean all sur­faces, in­clud­ing cup­board doors, draw­ers, win­dowsills, win­dows and skirt­ing boards. Dust all fur­nish­ings and lux thor­oughly be­fore putting any fur­ni­ture back into place. You might even want to take the op­por­tu­nity to change things around a lit­tle.

Mop the kitchen floor and put every­thing back into kitchen cup­boards, mak­ing sure that noth­ing is past its due by date.

Next stop is the bath­room. Clear out your van­ity unit, throw­ing out any un­nec­es­sary items and clean well. Once again clean all sur­faces and give the floor a thor­ough mop.

Sort through your linen cup­board and give items, such as sum­mer sheets and pil­low­cases a wash, en­sur­ing they are smelling fresh and clean for the com­ing months.

Empty bed­rooms as much as pos­si­ble and hang bed­ding on the line to air. Clean win­dows and sills, dust where nec­es­sary and lux each room thor­oughly.

Once the house is sparkling clean, the ex­te­rior will be beck­on­ing. This job shouldn’t take as long as the in­te­rior and if it is a nice day, won’t be that un­pleas­ant.

OUs­ing a low-pow­ered water blaster wash down the ex­te­rior of your home, get­ting rid of any moss build-up, dirt and spi­der webs. Clean out gut­ter­ing and wash win­dows.

Tidy gar­dens, prune roses, cut back trees and plant an­nu­als. Check for any rot­ting boards in your fence and re­place or give a splash of paint if re­quired.

If you have still got the clean­ing bug the garage will prob­a­bly be your next port of call. Maybe next week­end though!

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