Keep­ing your grand­child oc­cu­pied

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Not ev­ery­body chooses to have chil­dren, and some of you who do will un­der­stand just how hard it seems to be to per­suade them to give you a grand­child or two nowa­days! No amount of coax­ing, help­ful ad­vice or great granny’s reme­dies seem to do the trick, as pro­fes­sional and per­sonal life­styles in­creas­ingly take prece­dence over the equally im­por­tant busi­ness of bring­ing forth the next gen­er­a­tion of lit­tle Ki­wis. How­ever, as those of you that are lucky enough to have seen the next two gen­er­a­tions of your fam­ily into the world will know, a whole host of plea­sures awaits. Dou­bly plea­sur­able, these mo­ments spent oc­cu­py­ing your grand­child for a few hours each week, since you needn’t re­ally con­cern your­self with any of those un­pleas­ant tasks re­lated to ac­tu­ally shap­ing the wee’un into a cred­itable and non-delin­quent mem­ber of so­ci­ety. As if by magic, week-by-week, lit­tle Jack or Jill crosses your thresh­old with an ap­par­ent abun­dance of newly ac­quired skills, which you need only mar­vel at with the ap­pro­pri­ate range of lauda­tory noises and pats on the head. Any mis­chief while they’re on your home patch can be sim­ply di­verted with the ju­di­cious ap­pli­ca­tion of a scoop or two of tech­ni­colour ice cream, or yet an­other rasp­berry lam­ing­ton. And you can be sure that your young (and tem­po­rary) charge is canny enough not to bite the hand that feeds it so gen­er­ously. That sharp and pointy dis­tinc­tion is re­served for mum and dad! So be sure to en­joy the time you spend with your grand­chil­dren guilt­lessly: af­ter all it’s your job to in­dulge their ev­ery whim for ex­pen­sive toys and games, and to per­mit them to splash in muddy pud­dles and scuff their new sneak­ers ir­repara­bly. Only then should you hand them back to their jaded, weary par­ents, with joy in your heart and a twin­kle in your eye.

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