Make your own di­a­mond kite!

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Butcher cord or thin gar­den twine scotch tape or glue 1 sheet of strong pa­per (102cm x 102cm) 2 strong, straight wooden sticks of bam­boo or wooden dow­el­ing 90cm and 102cm mark­ers, paint or crayons to dec­o­rate you kite. 1. Make a cross with the two sticks, with the shorter stick placed hor­i­zon­tally across the longer stick. Make sure that both sides of the cross piece is equal in width. 2. Tie the two sticks to­gether with the string in such a way as to make sure that they are at right an­gles to each other. A good way to en­sure that the joint is strong to put a dab of glue to stick it in place.

the tail to the loop at the bot­tom of the kite. 7. Dec­o­rate!

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