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the bud­get within the two weeks’ pay­ment we re­ceive. So no way are we about to please the coun­cil. I shall be wa­ter­ing in­side my prop­erty – par­tic­u­larly the flower bed. The an­swer to Mayor Tony Lep­per I think should have been put into amore sus­tain­able para­graph for the com­mu­nity to un­der­stand clearly. Good on Stu Mil­lis for a sen­si­ble para­graph. Also, he has through the years done fan­tas­tic work to help the com­mu­nity. Let’s keep up the good views of our peo­ple.

Moairi Edge, Alexan­dra

Dry Verges

Mayor Tony Lep­per’s re­ply to Stu Mil­lis let­ter in last week’s Mir­ror bears com­ment. Tony said most ratepay­ers will pay less for water this year than last year. Yes, some will by opt­ing to not water the coun­cil-owned grass verges and to min­imise water costs on their own sec­tions. Most will choose to save money on their rates and if they can save $100 a year then they will. That’s hu­man na­ture. What this will mean is Alexan­dra look­ing more like a desert and coun­cil ratepayer in­come for water be­ing re­duced on an an­nual ba­sis. The coun­cil will soon re­alise this and to bal­ance their books on water use they will do one of two things: 1) In­crease the cur­rent an­nual fee for ratepay­ers; or 2) Im­ple­ment a set amount fee for ratepay­ers as done in the past and dis­pense with the cur­rent water me­ter sys­tem.

Ge­off Jones, Alexan­dra

Mayor’s re­ply

Thank you for the op­por­tu­nity to re­ply to th­ese let­ters. Mr Mil­lis knows that I will not stand back and let the Government pri­va­tise and sell off water sup­plies. Since tak­ing of­fice I have taken ev­ery op­por­tu­nity to let those in Welling­ton know who I amand what the peo­ple of Cen­tral Otago think. I have al­ready rolled up my sleeves and told this Government how it can make sig­nif­i­cant im­prove­ments but thanks for the of­fer of help. I agree with Moairi and Ge­off that some peo­ple will choose to make fur­ther sav­ings now that we have given them the choice. You are right, that is hu­man na­ture and many peo­ple do strug­gle on fixed or low in­comes. Dur­ing the de­bate on this is­sue th­ese views were well rep­re­sented and lis­tened to. My point was that if you used water wisely in the past and con­tin­ued to use it in the same way in the fu­ture, you would pay less. In the past, low water users paid the same as high users. We think the cost of water to the av­er­age ratepayer will go down. I also agree that com­mu­nity de­bate is a good thing and some of that needs to be di­rected to the com­mu­nity boards who con­trol spend­ing on water and the wa­ter­ing of verges. Tony Lep­per

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