A dream worth chas­ing

When con­tem­plat­ing your dream home it’s pretty easy to imag­ine one or two of the specifics you’re af­ter, but not so straight­for­ward to vi­su­alise the whole.

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Go on: try it. Chances are you’ll get more of an over­all emo­tional im­pres­sion of the home you de­sire, with a sense of warmth, se­cu­rity and re­laxed com­fort, maybe with a par­tic­u­lar im­age of you in your favourite chair by the toasty fire. I’ll guar­an­tee that pink batts, cor­ru­gated iron and the con­crete truck are nowhere to be seen, any­how! How­ever, when it comes to the nitty gritty of ac­tu­ally con­struct­ing a new home from scratch, it soon be­comes ap­par­ent there’s a mul­ti­plic­ity of choices out there. So say you’re de­ter­mined to start afresh, be­cause you’ve found that stun­ning sec­tion with awe­some views – what are some of the op­tions? One of the most straight­for­ward routes to take is to get a third-party con­struc­tion com­pany to man­age the whole process for you, from go to whoa. Your in­put here could be con­fined to the plea­sur­able ac­tiv­ity of se­lect­ing a tem­plate from the cat­a­logue and choos­ing the fit­tings. It may not be the most eco­nom­i­cal op­tion how­ever, and if fi­nance is your driv­ing fac­tor, per­haps a prefabricated unit might be the an­swer. Th­ese come in a very di­verse and flex­i­ble range of sizes and styles nowa­days, and greatly sim­plify and speed up the process of cre­at­ing a new home. A sim­i­lar op­tion which has worked for many is the trans­plan­ta­tion of an ex­ist­ing house to your sec­tion by road. And if ecol­ogy rather than econ­omy is your watch­word, then there are sev­eral ex­cit­ing op­tions out there for you in to­day’s en­vi­ron­men­tally re­spon­si­ble cli­mate. The like­li­hood is that your project will be­come a piece­meal self-build, as you se­lect from a vast pal­ette of in­ge­nious de­vices to save you power, heat and re­sources, but the end re­sults could be im­pres­sive. Straw bale houses are an­other alternative, said to be eco­log­i­cally sound and cer­tainly a novel ap­proach to the hous­ing ques­tion. Many of you, how­ever, are likely to be so ex­cited by that ‘‘emo­tional im­pres­sion’’ of your own pri­vate cas­tle that you’ll opt to man­age and per­haps even ex­e­cute the en­tire process your­self, from de­sign to build to fin­ish­ing in your own inim­itable style. Re­mem­ber: it’s a dream worth chas­ing. Make it real!

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