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And ac­cord­ing to the ‘Moon Man’, the chills and chal­lenges of this sea­son will be here sooner rather than later. Be­ing pre­pared for Win­ter means hav­ing chains on hand for your ve­hi­cle to deal with the road con­di­tions. If you have some in your pos­ses­sion, it’s time to not only have them checked, but also time to prac­tice putting them on. Ide­ally get­ting to know your ve­hi­cles’ chains be­fore you are faced with kneel­ing in the snow amidst the pres­sure of get­ting home or to pick up the chil­dren is the ul­ti­mate! Take the time to prac­tice putting them on your ve­hi­cle’s tyres at home so you are con­fi­dent about fit­ting them cor­rectly when the time ar­rives. Dif­fer­ent makes and styles of chains have their own method of fit­ting so it is im­por­tant to be fa­mil­iar with the task AND to fol­low the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tion. For many – it’s time to pur­chase some in readi­ness for the snowy and icy days ahead. Sho­tover En­gi­neer­ing on Glenda Drive stock two types of chains and will find some­thing to fit also any ve­hi­cle. When shop­ping for chains, it pays to con­sider the fol­low­ing: Where are you driv­ing? What chains fit your ve­hi­cle? How easy are the chains to fit? At Sho­tover En­gi­neer­ing, they pro­vide an ad­di­tional ser­vice where each set of chains sold are fit­ted to the ve­hi­cle to dou­ble check they are the cor­rect size and the cus­tomer is shown how to cor­rectly fit their chains. While the price of chains can seem pro­hib­i­tive to some peo­ple, the peace of mind that they of­fer (not to men­tion the cost of the in­sur­ance ex­cess or the pan­el­beater’s bill) fades in com­par­i­son. Don’t get caught – pre­pare for the up­com­ing sea­son early. Sho­tover En­gi­neer­ing is the long­est serv­ing en­gi­neer­ing work­shop in the Wakatipu Basin and stocks a wide va­ri­ety of spare snow chain parts. The work­shop also car­ries out re­pairs to snowchains. Care of your chains:

Fas­ten any loose chain with clips or rub­ber bun­gies. This pre­vents dam­age and then if you hear chain flap­ping loose, you know to stop and check!

When stop­ping to check, ad­just or re­move your chains, al­ways be con­sid­er­ate to other road users and stop in a safe place.

When re­mov­ing chains stop with the fas­ten­ers at the top of your wheel where they are easy to ac­cess. Then drop the chain off and away from the wheel and move the ve­hi­cle off the chain. Don’t for­get to pick your chains up………

Driv­ing on ex­posed tar seal dras­ti­cally re­duces the life of your chains. It can be unavoid­able at times but try not to drive for long on cleared roads and re­duce your speed. It is a good idea to hang your chains up to dry af­ter each use, check them over for wear/tear or dam­age. Put them back in your ve­hi­cle Slow down grad­u­ally and drive at a speed that suits the con­di­tions. Keep your win­dows and mir­rors clean. Find out how to use your air conditioning, de­froster, ice scraper and wipers to max­i­mize your vi­sion. Use your head­lights on low beam. High beams re­flect off the mois­ture droplets in the fog, mak­ing it harder to see. Use road mark­ings to help guide you. Use the left edge of the road as a guide, rather than the cen­tre line. In­crease your fol­low­ing dis­tance. You will need ex­tra dis­tance to brake safely. Look and lis­ten for any haz­ards that may be ahead. Re­duce the dis­trac­tions in your ve­hi­cle. For ex­am­ple, turn off the mu­sic and the cell phone…your full at­ten­tion is re­quired. Be pa­tient. Avoid pass­ing, chang­ing lanes and cross­ing traf­fic. If the fog is too dense to con­tinue, pull com­pletely off the road & try to po­si­tion your ve­hi­cle in an area pro­tected from traf­fic. Turn on your haz­ard lights. Don’t stop on the trav­elled por­tion of the road. You could be­come the first link in a chain­re­ac­tion col­li­sion. Don’t speed up sud­denly, even if the fog seems to be clear­ing. You could find your­self sud­denly back in fog. Don’t speed up to pass a ve­hi­cle mov­ing slowly or to get away from a ve­hi­cle that is fol­low­ing too closely.

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