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Acom­mon mis­con­cep­tion of larger framed peo­ple is that to look slim­mer, they must wear black. This is not nec­es­sar­ily the case. Here are some sim­ple tips for achiev­ing a sleek and stylish look, no mat­ter what your body type.

1. Choose one colour

Wear­ing one colour is both el­e­gant and flat­ter­ing to all body types be­cause it doesn’t chop up the body. Wear­ing the one shade of colour even if its white, is slim­ming. Wear­ing dif­fer­ent colours makes even the slimmest per­son look stocky.

2. Pur­chase clothes that fit

Wear­ing clothes that are too baggy can eas­ily make you look five to 10 pounds larger.

3. Add ac­ces­sories

The ad­di­tion of ac­ces­sories is a great way to pull to­gether an out­fit and add a taste­ful splash of colour to an oth­er­wise plain look.

4. Choose lower waist­lines

When it comes to choos­ing the right pair of pants your best bet is to stick with a lower waist­line with a flat front and no pleats. A slightly lower waist­line helps to elon­gate your look. Pants should al­ways be on the longer side and boots com­plete the look by giv­ing length to the legs and adding height.

5. Wear a belt

Belts are also a handy tool when it comes to dress­ing slim­mer. Wear­ing a belt with a nice buckle lower on your hips will draw the eye to the belt and elon­gate your over­all look, es­pe­cially if the belt blends with your cloth­ing colour. Belts can also help tie a look to­gether, and are a very ver­sa­tile ac­ces­sory.

6. Choose the right pant leg

If you are wear­ing a skinny leg pant, pair them with a loose fit­ting top or long blazer. On the re­verse side, if you are wear­ing a wide-legged trouser, wear a fit­ted shirt or jacket, en­sur­ing the whole out­fit is not fit­ted or flared. Pair­ing one with the other al­lows you to achieve a sleek and stylish look.

7. Wear colour well

Use bright colours wisely. Link splashes of colour with the likes of browns, beiges and char­coal greys. Spice up your wardrobe with­out go­ing over the top.

8. Flat­ter­ing footwear

Boots are the no-fail op­tion. As long as you make the right choice, boots look good on ev­ery­one. If you are wear­ing a pair of jeans, just adding boots and a blazer will com­plete your out­fit, and also be slim­ming. Heels, too, are a slim­ming footwear, but stay away from an­kle straps, which cut off the lines of the legs. Wear­ing stylish clothes that fit you well - and that you are com­fort­able in - can help re­train you to ap­pre­ci­ate your body. Af­ter all, it’s only when you are com­fort­able in your own skin that you can feel good in what you put on.

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