Puppy love bites back in re­al­ity

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My mem­ory lane trip col­umn on the ex­cite­ment (and anguish) of teenage puppy love gave me some food for thought. I de­cided to con­duct a sur­vey of my friends on the sub­ject of teenage crushes and ask the girls who they fan­cied back on Planet 15 years old. The an­swers were hi­lar­i­ous. One sim­ply adored Luke Sky­walker and an­other had her eye on some­one in a church youth group who was ‘tall, dark and un­avail­able’. An­other claimed she was too bor­ing for such dizzi­ness but I don’t be­lieve her. No one gets through the teenage years with­out dream­ing of ro­mance. The re­al­ity is if any of us had ac­tu­ally been asked out on a date by one of th­ese guys it would prob­a­bly have ended in disas­ter. Life has taught me that re­al­ity can turn out to be quite dif­fer­ent to how you imag­ined. You don’t need to deal with some­one’s faults when it’s all about ad­mi­ra­tion from a dis­tance. Mean­while the ob­ject of my teenage ado­ra­tion has in­vited me to lunch next time I’m in his city. I’m amused to have the in­vite I craved nearly 20 years ago. Good things take time. ◗ Queen­stown’s Sin­gle Girl is look­ing for true love. Ad­vice and po­ten­tial can­di­dates should be emailed to mir­ror@stl.co.nz

Adorable: Luke Sky­walker

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