A new so­lu­tion for tiles on Bu­tynol

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Coun­cils and build­ing au­thor­i­ties in Auck­land and else­where in New Zealand no longer al­low tiles to be glued to Bu­tynol or other sim­i­lar water­proof mem­branes. This di­rectly af­fects decks and bal­conies, par­tic­u­larly when there is a room un­derneath. Coun­cils re­quire that any cladding over Bu­tynol be eas­ily re­moved to en­able in­spec­tion of the mem­brane to en­sure its con­tin­ued in­tegrity. Un­til re­cently, the only ac­cept­able so­lu­tion to this prob­lem was to use plas­tic ‘‘ deck jacks’’. Th­ese are ad­justable sup­ports that hold thick tiles or pavers in the form of a float­ing floor. Un­for­tu­nately, stan­dard porce­lain floor tiles are sim­ply not strong enough to be sup­ported by their cor­ners on deck jacks. The disad­van­tages of deck jack sys­tems in­clude their ex­pense (a typ­i­cal deck will use dozens of jacks and the spe­cial tiles are costly too), they are com­pli­cated to set up and ad­just (even us­ing the ‘ self-lev­el­ling’ jacks), they can use only a very limited range of suit­able tiles, they are heavy, and be­cause the min­i­mum jack height (not in­clud­ing the tile on the top of it) is around 60mm, they re­quire the deck to be specif­i­cally en­gi­neered to cope with their use. Our sup­plier, Re­fin Ceramiche of Italy has re­cently de­vel­oped a sys­tem called ‘Set& Step’ that was ini­tially de­signed to pro­vide a tile al­ter­na­tive to ex­te­rior paving - but which also solves the prob­lem of tiles over Bu­tynol. Set & Step is a glob­ally patented Re­fin sys­tem that uses spe­cially de­signed plas­tic frames to sup­port stan­dard porce­lain ex­te­rior tiles. The plas­tic frames sim­ply clip to­gether and can be eas­ily re­moved if nec­es­sary. The porce­lain tiles used in Set & Step must be made for the sys­tem (they have a bev­elled edge to acom­mo­date the frame) but more than a dozen of Re­fin’s 450x450 ex­te­rior-rated tiles are made to use the sys­tem so there’s con­sid­er­able choice. Be­cause of Des­igna Tile’s close re­la­tion­ship with Re­fin, we will be one of the very few com­pa­nies in New Zealand with ac­cess to Set & Step. For more in­for­ma­tion, please don’t hes­i­tate to con­tact Michelle at Des­igna Tiles, Queen­stown. Phone 03 4424 999 or 0800 TOP TILES.

It’s com­mon sense: It’s mined lo­cally. There’s no com­mod­ity price at­tached to it, as with gas. There’s no ex­pen­sive process to man­u­fac­ture it, like wood pel­lets, oil and gas. It’s not trans­ported for thou­sands of miles, like gas, diesel and wood pel­lets.

It doesn’t lose en­ergy on the way, like elec­tric­ity.

And there’s no monopoly of pro­duc­ers and sup­pli­ers, as in the case of elec­tric­ity (there’s only one grid, af­ter all). So for those with a mul­ti­fuel fire in their homes, try the Kai Coal. At the mine it costs a mere $102 per tonne: That’s about two cents per stan­dard unit of en­ergy. Com­pare that to elec­tric­ity at more than 33 cents per unit (de­pend­ing on your sup­plier). Even with a heat pump run­ning at 240 per cent ef­fi­ciency, elec­tric­ity for heat­ing still equates to around 13 cents per unit. Wood pel­lets at $9.95 per 15kg come in about the same, and both oil (diesel) and gas ap­pear to be more ex­pen­sive, at about 17 cents and 20 cents per unit re­spec­tively. So what the num­bers tell us is that in­stead of heat­ing one room in your house with ex­pen­sive fu­els, heat the whole house with

Work­ing hard: Work in progress at Kai Point coal, and end up with a cosy, dry and healthy home for you and your fam­ily. If you want to get re­ally se­ri­ous about a healthy, warm home, then tak­ing a fur­ther step to cen­tral heat­ing makes abun­dant of sense. Coal-fired, of course. In fact it’s pos­si­ble to get hold of first class, fully com­pli­ant and lo­cally made coal-fired boil­ers de­signed specif­i­cally for the job. If you’d like to find out more about the peer­less warmth and af­ford­abil­ity of Kai Coal, and so­lu­tions for heat­ing your home this chilly sea­son, please call us on (03) 418 0030 for de­tails. We can also be emailed at kai­point@ihug.co.nz, www.kai­point­coal.co.nz

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