An­ti­cli­mac­tic Snow­maged­don

Central Otago Mirror - - OPINION - Timbo Deaker

How ex­cited was I? Snow was com­ing, and in epic pro­por­tions. I brought home the ap­pro­pri­ate vol­ume of win­ter toys and wine to en­joy dur­ing what most were call­ing ‘Snow­maged­don’. Oth­ers were more sen­si­ble and bought the lo­cal supermarkets out of bread. Watch­ing the hype build was as ex­cit­ing as see­ing the dark clouds form­ing in the south. I treat weather pre­dic­tions like a score­board be­tween con­ven­tional fore­cast­ing from the likes of Metser­vice and the more un­usual ap­proach to weather pre­dic­tions from our own Moon man, Ken Ring. Ken has been widely panned in mass me­dia for do­ing some­thing slightly dif­fer­ent and pre­dict­ing weather events and earth­quakes in the near fu­ture from his­tor­i­cal pat­terns of the moon. He is dis­liked by ev­ery­one from National MPNick Smith who called him ‘‘reck­less and ir­re­spon­si­ble’’ for caus­ing angst with his earth­quake pre­dic­tions, to main­stream science who do not sup­port his meth­ods in weather fore­cast­ing. I will happily take as much so­lace from Ken’s pre­dic­tions as I will from Metser­vice’s. To dis­re­gard some­one based on their science not agree­ing with con­ven­tional think­ing sounds sus­pi­ciously like the church’s treat­ment of Galileo when he sug­gested that the earth trav­elled around the sun, and not the other way around. He was tried by the In­qui­si­tion, forced to re­cant, and spent the rest of his life un­der house ar­rest. Here in Gibb­ston we en­forced a self-im­posed house ar­rest and waited for snow that did not come. ◗ Timbo Deaker lives in Gibb­ston with his wife and two chil­dren. He is a con­sul­tant viti­cul­tur­ist.

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